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Harry Hadaway
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Direct Descendants of Isaac Allerton

1 Isaac Allerton b: 1586 in Suffolk, England

ALLERTON, ISAAC-Isaac Allerton was born ca. 1586, (he said he was about
fifty-three years old in September 1639 [Small Descendants 2;756] gives a
good account of his career and family). A Leiden Separatist and 1620
Mayflower passenger, Allerton was second in authority only to Bradford in
the early years of the colony. However, Bradford felt that Allerton had
abused the trust the colonists placed in him (see text), and Allerton left
the colony in the 1630s for other parts. A most enterprising man, he
engaged in commercial pursuits at Marblehead and in Maine and later resided
at New Amsterdam. He cleared his debt to the Adventurers by a contract of
12 May 1646 in which he ratified what William Bradford, Edward Winslow, and
Myles Standish, as agents for Sherley, Andrews, and Beauchamp, had done or
would do about the sale of his lands, goods, and cattle "provided they do
clearly acquit him from all debts and demands" (Small Descendants 2:783).
He died at New Haven in February 1658159, leaving little estate except debts
he claimed were due him.

After the death of his first wife, Mary Norris, he married (2) Fear
Brewster, and (3) widow Joanna Swinnerton. Walter S. Allerton, A History of
the Allerton Family, 1585 to 1885, and a Genealogy of the Descendants of
Isaac Allerton (revised, 1900), contains considerable errors, some of which
are clarified by Newman A. Hall in "The Unproven Allerton Family Lineage,"
MQ 45:23. (See also Halls "Me Children of Isaac ABerton," MQ 47:14 and his
"Joanna Swinnerton: The Third Wife of Isaac Allerton, Sr.," NEHGR 124:133.
Also see James R. Case, "Isaac Allerton, The First Yankee Trader," MQ
48:170.) Allerton left a number of descendants in New England, and his son
Isaac migrated to Virginia, where the line was carried on under the
Allerton, Lee, and Travers surnames.

Source: Plymouth Colony Its History & People 1620-1691 by e Eugene Aubrey
>From the book "Mayflower Families in Progress, Isaac Allerton of the
Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations," compiled by Robert S
Wakefield, FASG, Third Edition, Published by General Society of Mayflower
Descendants 1996.

Isaac Allerton and his first wife came on the "mayflower." Bradford said:
"Mr. Allerton his wife died with the first, and his servant John Hooke. His
son Bartle is married in England but I know not how many children he hath.
His daughter Remember is married at Salem and hath three or four children
living. And his daughter Mary is married here and hath four children.
Himself married again with the daughter of Mr. Brewster and hath one son
living by her, but she is long since dead. And he is married again
and hath left this place long ago." In the 1623 division of land Isaac
Allerton received 7 acres. In the 1627 division of cattle he is listed with
wife Fear and Children Bartholomew, Remember, Mary and Sarah. On 6 May
1635 it was recorded in the Mass. Bay Colony Records that Mr. "Ollerton"
had given to Moses Maverick, his son in law, all his houses, buildings and
stages at Marblehead. On 26 Sept. 1639 Isaac Allerton deposed at Boston
calling himself of New Plimmouth aged about 53 years. Under date of 17 Feb
1644/5 Gov. Winthrop recorded "Mr. Allerton coming from New Haven in a
ketch, with his wife and divers other persons, were taken in a great storm
at northeast with much snow, and cast away at Scituate, but the persons all

Isaac Allerton was called "of Newhaven Merchant" in a 13 Oct. 1646 letter of
attorney. The inventory of Isaac Allerton taken 12 Feb. 1658/9 was
presented in the New Haven court 5 April 1659, his son Isaac being away at
the time. Isaac produced his father's will on 5 July 1659 and was appointed
to settle the
estate, but he relinquished the trust. the will is little more than
memoranda of debts due him and owed by him, but names his wife and son Isaac
Allerton as trustees and they were to receive "what is overpluss." It
mentions "brother Breuster." On 27 Oct. 1646 Isacke Allerton of New
Amsterdam in the province of New Netherlands, merchant, confirmed to
son-in-law Thomas Cushman of New
Plymouth a debt of one hundred pounds owed to Isaac by John Coombe. On 4
Oct. 1660 Isaac Allerton (the son)granted to his mother-in-law Mrs. Johanna
Allerton the house in New Haven where she now dwells during her life and
then to his daughter Elizabeth Allerton and her heirs. The deed was not
witnessed, so on 10 March 1682/3 Isaac Allerton confirmed the deed. On 19
May 1684 Elizabeth Eyre formerly Allerton, now wife of Simon Eyre deeded to
her husband, her reversion in a house and lot her grandmother Joanna
Allerton "lives in."

Number of children: 5 Sex: Male d: February 1658/59 in New Haven, CT Age
at death: 73 est. Number of children: 5
.. +Mary Norris b: in Of Newbury, England m: November 04, 1611 in Leyden,
Holland Number of children: 3 Sex: Female d: February 25, 1620/21 in
Plymouth , Plymouth, MA Age at death: ? Number of children: 3
... 2 Mary Allerton b: 1617 in Leyden, Holland Number of children: 8 Sex:
Female d: November 28, 1699 in Plymouth , Plymouth, MA Age at death: 82 est.
Number of children: 8
... 2 Bartholomew Allerton b: 1612 in Leyden, Holland Number of children:
4 Sex: Male d: Abt. 1658 in prob. Branmfield, Co., Sufflok Age at death: 46
est. Number of children: 4
... 2 Remember Allerton b: 1614 in Leyden, Holland Sex: Female d:
1652-1656 in Marblehead, MA Age at death: 38 est.
*2nd Wife of Isaac Allerton:
.. +Fear Brewster b: 1606 in Scrooby, England
Ann & Little James The vessels parted company at sea; the ANN arrived the
latter part of June, and the LITTLE JAMES some week or ten days later; part
of the number were the wives and children of persons
already in the Colony The ship Anne arrived in Plymouth in July, 1623
accompanied by the Little
James, bringing new settlers along with many of the wives and children that
had been left behind in
Leyden when the Mayflower departed in 1620. FEAR BREWSTER is listed as one
of the passengers.

Source: EMIGRANT ANCESTORS, John Camden Hotten, 1874

m: 1626 in Plymouth , Plymouth, MA Number of children: 2 Sex: Female d:
Bef. December 12, 1634 in Plymouth , Plymouth, MA Age at death: 28 est.
Mother: Mary Brewster Father: Wiliam Brewster Number of children: 2
Father: Wiliam Brewster Mother: Mary
... 2 Sarah Allerton b: 1627 in Plymouth , Plymouth, MA Sex: Female
... 2 Isaac Allerton b: 1627-1630 in Plymouth , Plymouth, MA Number of
children: 6 Sex: Male d: 1702 in Westmoreland co., VA Age at death: 75 est.
Number of children: 6
....... +Elizabeth m: 1652 in New Haven, CT Number of children: 2 Sex:
Female d: 1655 in New Haven, CT Age at death: ? Number of children: 2
........ 3 Elizabeth Allerton b: September 27, 1653 in New Haven, Ct.
Sex: Female d: November 17, 1740 in New Haven, Ct. Age at death: 87
........ 3 Isaac Allerton b: June 11, 1655 in New Haven, Ct. Sex: Male
d: 1655 in New Haven, Ct. Age at death: 0 est.
... *2nd Wife of Isaac Allerton:
....... +Elizabeth Willoughby b: 1635 in England m: 1663 in Westmoreland,
VA Number of children: 4 Sex: Female d: Bef. 1683 in Westmoreland, VA Age at
death: 48 est. Number of children: 4
........ 3 Willoughby Allerton b: 1664 in Westmoreland co., VA Sex: Male
d: 1724 Age at death: 60 est.
........ 3 Mary Allerton b: 1664 in Westmoreland co., VA Sex: Female d:
1700 in Stafford, VA Age at death: 36 est.
........ 3 Frances Allerton b: 1668 in Westmoreland co., VA Sex: Female
d: Bef. 1721 in Richmond, VA Age at death: 53 est.
........ 3 Sarah Allerton b: 1671 in Westmoreland co., VA Sex: Female d:
May 17, 1731 in Westmoreland co., VA Age at death: 60 est.
*3rd Wife of Isaac Allerton:
.. +Joanna Swinnerton m: 1635 in Marblehead, MA Sex: Female d: 1680-1683
Age at death: ?

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