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To The Winsett Researchers-
I have called the Historical Records in Salt Lake City and this was the case.
There are records in the vaults that can not be opened.These records are from members of the CHURCH which you can not view.If you find a record on here with an email you need to get in touch with them thru their email and it's up to them if you will get an answer.
I can't tell you much more than that.There are Winsett records there but if they are from members well....
I had a subscription to Ancestry and I have looked thru as much as I could.I even tried contacting members about their stories and got NOTHING back.Thankyou.
Here is my take on this Hendricks line-
Kilbec Winsett
Marion County Alabama
Kilbec Winsett and Mary Hendricks were married on August the 11th 1831 in Morgan County Alabama. I have found a William Hendricks listed on the 1830 census for that county. He is there in 1840 and in 1850 Killey shows up on an agriculture census in Franklin County under Killey Wirrsit. In 1850 they do show up in Marion County Alabama with Thomas Henry,Harriet and John but the first person is a Mary(I don't think it's Mary his wife) because she is only 18 and Kilby is 38.This does not correspond with later dates of Kilbeys age and his wife Mary. So who is this Mary? Their first daughter ,if so where is Mary the mother? In 1860 Kilbey and Mary has several children which does correspond with the their ages .I'm also thinking that on the 1860 census that the youngest Margaret at 2/12 months is a grandchild of who I don't know.

By 1870 Kilbey is 59 and Mary is 54,now the youngest is 10 which is a girl called Malinda, I think too some of these children are grandchildren.

Now in 1880 Kilbey shows up with a wife called Sarah. Kilbey is 65 and Sarah is 64.This still the age Mary is so is this sarah another name for mary? I haven't been able to find any trace of these Hendricks yet. They are in the household with a family called Blankenships.

Kilbeys' son Thomas Winsett(my great grandfather) has a daughter named Sophia and she married a Blankenship then a Bishop.
Most of the census say they(Winsetts) were from Tennessee some say they were from Georgia.I believe they were from Tennessee but the one item is the parents of Kilbey Winsett, some say Edith Chapman and William Winsett were his parents,could William had been married before? some disagree on this. I have no idea because if you look in early census they just list head of household and not the names of the rest of the family members, which makes it hard to understand .So finding Kilbey or Mary on anything before 1850 is futile.See below for a J.H.Winsett.
Unless they were in Tennessee.I believe William was married before.
I have learned that alot of these families from early 1800s had a naming process for their children. It does show up quite often with this family. So there maybe a clue there. Also as far as Indian blood in our family goes if it's not on a roll then we are not. Most of the Bishops(Thomas Henry Winsetts' wifes' mother) her line was traced back as being part of the Quakers .Her family married into the Lewis family. They were very easy to trace.
On the 1880 census Harriet Winsett shows up in with a family called Cantrell.I have seen this family often in my census search.
So this is as far as I have gotten to figuring out who Kilbey and Mary are. After her and Kilby marry in Morgan County Alabama, there is one less person showing on William Hendricks census ,the age in later days match to her being his see below

1800 Stokes County North Carolina
Hendrick William . . 1 . . . . 1 . . . .
WILLIAM HERDON 11/21 ?This is a side note.

1830 Morgan county census
Hendricks | 1 1 1 | 1 2 1 1 |

1840 Morgan county census
Hendrick, Wm. 1011001 1011101

Winsett, J. H., 26
Winsett, J. H. 112001 1111101
Could this be Kilby and is his name a nickname?I have just about come to the conclusion it is.
Winsett, James, 25
Winsett, James 11001 12001

1850 Morgan county census
Henderix William | 59 M | Farmer 150 | N.C. | | W450 | 29 | 496 483 | Henderix Rachael | 55 F | | N.C. | | R240 | 30 | 496 483 | Henderix Sally | 22 F | | Ala. | | S400 | 31 | 496 483 | Henderix Elizabeth | 21 F | | Ala. | | E421 | 32 | 496 483 | Henderix William | 16 M | | Ala. | X | W450 | 33 | 496 483 | Henderix Washington | 13 M | | Ala. | X | W252
1860 Jackson county Missouri Fort Osage township
William Hendricks 65
Rachael Hendricks 60
Mary Hendricks 21 (this is a granddaughter)
I also found some Winsett in Greene County missouri)

My Mary Hendricks never shows up on these census,it may be because she may have gotten pregnant early or it may be her parents were trying to protect her from something. From 1830 to 1840 one less female shows up on the census. This, I think this is Mary. William Hendricks and Rachael,I have not found where they are buried yet.

Thomas Winsett served in the Civil War. He was with the 1st Alabama Cavalry.I believe he deserted and took off to Texas.
(Another side note)

More Hendricks-Limestone County Alabama 1870
25 96 96 Hendricks Rebecca 50 F W Housekeeping Ala 26 96 96 Mingea Dudd 30 M W Painter Ala 27 96 96 Mingea Amanda 26 F W Ala 28 96 96 Mingea Ola 2 F W Ala 29 96 96 Mingea Alena 6/12 F W Ala

27 54 54 Hendricks William T 40 M W Wagonmaker Ala 28 54 54 Hendricks Nancy R 37 F W Housekeeping Ala 29 54 54 Hendricks Mary E 12 F W Ala 30 54 54 Hendricks John J 4 M W Ala 31 54 54 Hendricks Robert L 2 M W Ala 32 54 54 Hendricks Price 1/12 M W Ala

By Amanda Pope

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