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From: Robert Casey <>
Subject: [ALPIKE] Brooks Family
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 08:54:45 -0800

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Surname: Brooks, Tillman, Olliff

Robert "Rose" Brooks of Mecklenburg County, Virginia

ROBERT ROSE BROOKS (1.2) is the son of Robert Brooks, Sr. and Brambly Brooks.
Although Robert Rose Brooks was not mentioned in his fathers will, it
is certain that he was a son of Robert Brooks, Sr. In 1780, Robert Brooks
gave consent for his son, Robert Rose Brooks, to marry Mary Parham. Other
than Robert Rose Brooks, there was only one other Robert Brooks living
in Mecklenburg County, Virginia at the time, Robert Brooks, Sr. Also, a
second Robert Brooks was living in the same household of Robert Brooks,
Sr. in the 1783 Personal Property Tax List of Mecklenburg County, Virginia.
According to Revolutionary War Pension Application of Robert Rose Brooks,
Robert was born on June 3, 1762 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Roberts
middle name Rose is shown on his marriage consent certificate dated November
20, 1780. Robert Rose Brooks (or Robert Brooks, Jr.) had three nephews
named Robert which makes it difficult to distinguish the various family
members apart. However, it is fortunate that Robert Rose Brooks gave a
detailed account of his places of residence in his pension application
for Revolutionary War service.

In 1780, Robert Rose Brooks married Mary Parham in Mecklenburg County,
Virginia. His certificate of consent to marry was signed by his father,
Robert Brooks, Sr. and was dated November 20, 1780. According to John Jones
book, Robert Rose Brooks (Robert W. Brooks) left seven sons by his first
wife. In 1936, a grandson of Robert Rose Brooks stated that his grandfather
was married three times, his first wife had about eight or ten (children),
mostly boys. Robert Rose Brooks not only appeared in the 1783 Personal
Property Tax List of Mecklenburg County, Virginia but also appeared in
at least the 1785 Personal Property Tax List. Robert Rose Brooks does not
appear any other years which do include his father, Robert Brooks, Sr.According
to Dictionary of Alabama Biography, Robert Brooks moved to Pike County,
Alabama in 1836. In 1840, there were two Robert Brooks (born 1770 to 1780)
enumerated in the census of Pike County, Alabama. In 1844, Robert Rose
Brooks requested that his pension be transferred to his new place of residence
(Dale County). Robert Rose Brooks was the father of at least four children
(mentioned in his will signed in 1841):
....Elizabeth Brooks/
....Samuel W. Brooks (1.2.2), b. 1820, Georgia/
....Jordan Gilmore Brooks (1.2.3), b. 1822, Georgia/
....Sterling H. Brooks (1.2.4), b. 1824, Georgia

On July 18, 1841, Robert Rose Brooks signed his will and it was recorded
on November 6, 1848 in Pike County, Alabama. This will mentions wife, Nancy.
According to John Jones book, Robert Rose Brooks died in 1845. According
to the will of Robert Rose Brooks, Elizabeth Brooks married a Mr. Rushing.

A second Brooks line:

FRANCIS ASBERRY BROOKS (2.12) is the son of Jordan Brooks (2) and Mary
(Jackson) Brooks. Francis was born in 1815 in Putnam County, Georgia. According
to Brooks Family History by Myrtle Lackey, Francis Asberry Brooks married
Carrie Tillman. 37,000 Early Georgia Marriages states that
Francis A. Brooks married Lucretia J. Telman on July 2, 1838 in Talbot
County, Georgia. Lucretia Jane Tillman was born in 1824. In 1840, Francis
Brooks was living in Talbot County, Georgia. In 1850, Francis and Lucretia
Brooks were living in Marion County, Georgia. In 1860, they were living
in Dale County, Alabama. Francis Asberry and Lucretia Jane Brooks were
the parents of at least eight children:
....Jordan J. Brooks, b. 1839, Georgia/
....David Brooks, b. 1843, Georgia/
....Mary R. Brooks, b. 1847, Georgia/
....James Wyatt Brooks (2.12.4), b. March 10 1848, Georgia/
....Asberry J. Brooks, b. 1849, Georgia/
....Allen W. Brooks, b. 1852/
....Augustus S. Brooks, b. 1855/
....Emma A. Brooks, b. 1858

Francis Asberry Brooks died in Dale County, Alabama.

References: 1) Will of Jordan Brooks, 1835, Talbot County, Georgia; 2)
1840 Census, Talbot County, Georgia; 3) 1850 Census, Marion County, Georgia;
4) 1860 Census, Dale County, Alabama; 5) 37,000 Early Georgia Marriages,
by Joseph T. Maddox; 6) Brooks Family History, by Myrtle (Lackey) Ashley,
1944; 7) Brooks Family History, by Roberta J. Lumpkin, 1978

A third Brooks line (my ancestors):

WILLIAMSON BROOKS (3) is the son of Jordan Brooks (2) and Mary (Cruse)
Brooks. Williamson was born on December 25, 1800 in Edgefield County, South
Carolina. In 1822, Williamson Brooks married Susannah Olliff in Wilkinson
County, Georgia. Susannah was born on September 22, 1800 in Wilkinson County,
Georgia and is the daughter of John Shears Olliff and Johannah (Jackson)
Olliff. John Shears Olliff was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Wilkinson
County, Georgia Historical Collections show that Williamson Brooks traded
with Beall and Patterson during 1825. From 1830 to 1840, Williamson and
Susannah Brooks lived in Talbot County, Georgia. In January of 1842, Williamson
Brooks and his family moved to Alabama and were living in Pike County,
Alabama in 1850. Williamson Brooks and Susanah (Olliff) Brooks had eight
....Mary Jordan Brooks (3.1), b. September 30, 1823, Wilkinson County,
....John Clark Brooks (3.2), b. September 30, 1825, Georgia/
....Wyatt Marion Brooks (3.3), b. January 24, 1828, Upson County, Georgia/
....Allen Turner Brooks (3.4), b. June 27, 1830, Talbot County, Georgia/
....Robert Wright Brooks (3.5), b. January 21, 1833, Talbot County, Georgia/
....Sarah Ann Elizabeth Brooks (3.6), b. September 17, 1835, Talbot Co.,
....Francis Asberry Brooks (4), b. August 22, 1837, Talbot County, Georgia/
....Martha Eliza Brooks (3.8), b. June 22, 1840, Georgia

Susannah (Olliff) Brooks died on September 11, 1851. In 1860, Williamson
and what appears to be a second wife, Mary Brooks (born 1808 in South Carolina),
were living in Dale County, Alabama. Later, Williamson moved to Texas and
lived with his children in the Texas counties of Houston, Austin, Washington,
Fayette, Bastrop and Hays. In 1870, a William Brooks (born 1800 in Virginia)
and a Lucy Brooks (born 1812 in Virginia) were living in Austin County,
Texas. It is highly probable that this is actually Williamson Brooks. Williamson
Brooks died on May 6, 1879 in Texas and was buried in the Geiger Cemetery
near Sublime, Texas.

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