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<<I am researching George MISCHLER b: Sept, 1869 d: 1919. He immigrated
to the US in 1892. He supposedly came from Alsace-Lorraine, possibly
Strasbourg, with his four brothers: Jacob(Jakob), Christian, Philip and
Martin. He lived in Ohio and Chicago Heights, IL. Will look forward to
hearing from any MISCHLER researchers.>>


The name Mischler is more common in Alsace (170 listings in the
département du Bas-Rhin [northern Alsace] and 14 in the département du
Haut-Rhin [southern Alsace]) than in Lorraine (41 in the département de la
Moselle, 9 in the département des Vosges, 3 in the département de la
Meuse and 12 in the département de Meurthe-et-Moselle). These figures
are from the French telephone directory available at

I have come across the name Mischler in the area of Haut-Rhin from
which my ancestors emigrated. These Mischlers were descended from
a Petrus Mischler, from "Walleren, praefecturae Schwartzburg, ex
ditione Bernensi" [Walleren, in the prefecture of Schwartzburg and
canton of Bern, Switzerland], a place I have not attempted
to locate. His son Benedictus Mischler was a Protestant who joined
the Catholic Church at the time of his marriage 20 Nov 1730 in Sewen,
département du Haut-Rhin, France, to Maria Anna Girot (also spelled
Giroz, Chirat). This couple and their descendants lived in the towns
of Rimbach-près-Masevaux and Oberbruck, both of which were in the
parish of Sewen.

The Alsace Emigration Book, by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler,
lists Mischlers from Bennwihr, a Catholic community also located
in Haut-Rhin, about 6 km. north-northwest of Colmar. Unfortunately
for your purposes, this book does not have any information on
emigrants who left after about 1870.

Were your Mischlers Catholic or Protestant? What leads you to think
they might have been from Strasbourg? Have you checked marriage
and death records for all five of the brothers? What about their
obituaries and tombstones? Were any of them naturalized? If so, the
naturalization papers (both initial declaration of intent and final papers)
might say where they were born. Are you in contact with descendants
of the other brothers? Perhaps there is a family Bible, passport, or
other such potential source of information which came down through
the family. Unless you are able using a source such as those mentioned
above to find the name of a specific town in which your Mischlers
were born you may have a hard time tracing this line back, due to the
fact that people with the name are scattered throughout Alsace and

Robert Behra

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