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Subject: Re: [ALSACE-LORRAINE-L] Miller/Mueller from Alsace-Lorraine area
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 18:18:13 EDT

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<<There is a rumor that the Millers were from Cappel,Moselle,France.
Is that in Alsace/Lorraine? During the years of their births, was this
France or Germany? The town of Cappel might be totally off-base.
With complete names and pretty accurate birthdates, where might I
find a registration of their births and thence their parents?>>

Cappel is in the D├ępartement de la Moselle, France, in the region known
as Lorraine. At the time your Miller siblings were born it was part
of France. In order to determine whether civil or church records for
this town are available on microfilm from Salt Lake City you can search
the Family History Library Catalog online at:

If there are records available, you can order them through your local LDS
Family History Center.

Robert Behra

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