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Subject: Re: [ALS-LOR-L] DeDear Relatives
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 05:20:45 EDT

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<< My ancestor was Conrad Didier Lorentz. He was from Fellering,
Alsace-Lorraine. He came to the United States in the mid 1800's
through New Orleans and settled in Texas. The family name is now
DeDear. His occupation was in textiles. Also his wife was from
Germany. Her name was Catherine Bachmann. Her family came in
through Galveston and settled in the Coleto Creek region of Texas. I
believe he, my great great grandfather was Catholic but he had a
disagreement with the priest and converted to Protestantism. (I
could have the story wrong) Any information would be greatly
appreciated. >>

Sounds like you're talking about Conrad Didierlaurent, who was born
30 Jul 1832 in Mollau, département du Haut-Rhin, France (southern
Alsace), died in 1910 and is buried in Meyersville, DeWitt Co., TX. He
was the son of Jean Didierlaurent and Marie Anne Simon. He married
(1) 27 Jan 1856, in Fellering, a nearby town, Walbourg Bruetsch
(b. 17 Jan 1829, in Fellering; bur. 1 Oct 1867 in Meyersville, DeWitt
Co., TX; dau. of Jean Bruetsch and Walbourg Brogli); he m. (2) 1869,
in Meyersville, TX, Catherine Golly (b. 12 Jun 1851 in TX; dau. of
Antoine Golly and Genevieve Jacob). Conrad and his first wife
at least four children in Fellering before departing for Texas:
1) Aloïse, b. 17 Nov 1856
2) Joseph, b. 17 Nov 1856
3) Jean Baptiste, b. 16 Aug 1858
4) Charles, b. 23 Feb 1860

and three more in Texas:
5) Julius Ulysses, b. 1863
6) Mary T., b. 1866
7) Rosa, b. 1867

To find more information on this family you should order the civil
records of Mollau and Storckensohn, and the church records of Mollau,
all available on microfilm from Salt Lake City, through your local
LDS Family History Center. The civil records cover the period
1793-1882, while the church records for Mollau cover the period
1675-1792 and include the communities of Mollau, Storckensohn and
Urbès. The reason I suggest getting Storckensohn civil records as
well as those for Mollau is that Conrad had an older brother
(Jean Baptiste, b. 28 Aug 1821) who was born in Storckensohn, so
his parents might have been married there.

Walbourg Bruetsch, three of her older sisters and a younger brother
were all born in Fellering, but as far as I can tell her parents weren't
married there. Her father died 1 Jan 1840 in Willer-sur-Thur and
her mother died 15 Apr 1855 in Fellering.

Robert Behra

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