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From: "Carolyn \"Cari\" Thomas" <>
Subject: [ALS-LOR] LDS and their catalog...finding topics by "number"
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:41:33 -0800

>From: "shill7" <>
>Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 10:58:22 -0500
>Subject: Re: [ALS-LOR] Correction: Re: Passenger Lists into NYC


>I definitely am not computer savvy. I tried to follow your instructions for
pulling up LDS immigration records. Could get as far as entering #170 of
780 titles, but nothing is numbered 170. Have choices such as the following
>Biography, Collected works, Directories, History etc..... I can see no where
to go from there. Cannot find anywhere to enter another number 639 of 869.
Am looking for index or any immigration records for the port of NYC in 1833.
What am I doing wrong?

>Thanks, Sue
>Ohio, USA

Hi Sue,

I surely confused more people! So here's a search tip for the LDS catalog

When you search for a particular topic in a category where there are MANY
MANY topics (such as "emigration - immigration" which is found within the
780 topics for "United States") you CAN find it by going from page to page
of topics alphabetically:

Under "United States", the first 50 topics, on the FIRST page of topics
range from "United States-Almanacs" to "U-S-Census 1810"

Below the last topic is the link to "View next set of matching topics". When
you click on that the next page of 50 topics comes up: "U-S-Census 1810
Indexes" to "U-S-Census Bibliography" and you can continue page by page
until you reach "Emigration - Immigration". can go below that link, where you find "Get topics from number..."
and plug in any number between 1 and 780 to jump alphabetically. For
instance if you were hunting for something beginning with Z you might type
in "750". Then click on "Get Records"...RATHER than going through 15 pages


So...NOW, you can type in "169" (rather than 170) and go directly the page
with the link to "Emigration - Immigration" right at the top!

Same when you click on "Emigration - Immigration" you'll find there are 869
topics in that category!

I HIGHLY recommend you type "640" in the box at the bottom and click on "Get
Records" .....rather than go through 12 pages alphabetically to get to
"Passenger lists of vessels arriving at New York, 1820-1897 ; index to
passenger lists of vessels arriving in New York, 1820-1846  United States.
Immigration and Naturalization Service".

Of course, if you don't know what topic you will want, you DO have to read
through all of them, perhaps all 869 to find the right one. Aren't you glad
I gave you the numbers of the topics? And now you can search the catalog a
little easier.....

Good luck!
Cari Thomas <>

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