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Subject: Military conscription records
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 14:32:20 -0500

In 1999 one of this list's Australian members posted a
question about the availability of military conscription
records for Alsace or Lorraine. The first part of my
response follows:

<<Such records are available in the archives départementales in série R. Among the sources used by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler for the second volume of The Alsace Emigration Book were military conscription lists for the canton de Wissembourg 1830-1870, canton de Strasbourg 1840-1870 and canton de Saverne 1863-1868. I don't know whether the dates reflect all the records which were available to her. In the process of responding to your message I learned from Claude R. Roll's Manuel illustré pour la généalogie et l'histoire
familiale en Alsace that some such records are available on microfilm from Salt Lake City. Roll includes on p. 131 a copy of the entry from the Family History Library Catalog for the "registres militaires et tableaux de recensement" for the arrondissements of Saverne, Sélestat, Strasbourg and Wissembourg, covering the period 1817-1856. The main entry in the catalog is under Bas-Rhin (France : Département). Préfet. There is a subject entry under France, Bas-Rhin - Census. >>

My reason for bringing this up now is to remind members of the
list that these records can be useful in several ways. The
use made of them by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler was to show
that an individual or family had emigrated by a certain point
in time (young men who were eligible for the military lottery
are shown on the conscription lists to have left). Another
use, at least for those with less common surnames, is to try
to pinpoint a community of origin. Because these records
are grouped by arrondissement it is possible to go through the
conscription lists for a particular year looking for a
specific surname, which in turn would give you one or more
communities in which to search for a specific individual. Of
course this only covers the northern portion of Alsace, but it
does offer one additional tool to use for pinpointing where
a particular surname was found in the 19th century.

The group of records mentioned in my 1999 message includes
the years 1817-1819, 1830, 1835, 1840, 1847, 1848, 1850,
1852 and 1856 for the arrondissements of Saverne, Sélestat,
Strasbourg and Wissembourg. The easiest way to find these
records is to do a Title Search in the Family History Library

for the following title: Registres militaires et tableaux de recensement.

Military conscription records are also available for the
arrondissement of Saint-Dié, in the département des Vosges.
These cover the years 1811-1814, 1816-1819, 1821-1865. You
can find these by doing a title search for the title:
Tableaux de recensement des futures combattants.

A less-extensive group of records for the arrondissements of
Château-Salins, Lunéville, Nancy, Sarrebourg and Toul in the
former département de la Meurthe covers the period 1806-1814.
These can be found by doing a Title Search for the title:
Registres des conscrits, 1806-1814.

For the département de la Meuse the available conscription
records are only for the years VIII-XII of the Republic
(1799-1804) and can be found by doind a Title Search for the
title: Conscription militaire.

Robert Behra

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