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From: "M. Kearns" <>
Subject: Italian, Mediterranean surnames...
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 18:34:42 -0700

please help-if these sound familiar, or if you have any info on them...

DE LUCA-from Reggio, Calabria, Italy (the very toe of the boot). May be
Sephardic in origin.

PONTIGLIO- from Torino, Italy

DI FALCO- from Sicily, Italy (just outside Palermo). This family had its
origins in Spain (Barcelona) and were Jewish, were exiled in 1391. Their
family name in Spain was FALCO. They fled to Sicily, and assimilated into
the Italian Catholic community by the 1500s.

VAIO- from Torino? (not sure), Italy. May be Portuguese in origin

GUADALGNA- from Reggio, Calabria, Italy

DE AYALA- from Portugal, has both Jewish and aristocratic roots, came to
North America in 1700 or 1800s

BLOUNT (changed from Le Blond meaning "blond" in French), from central
France-Loire valley region

BRIN- from France, originally from Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Poland,
etc), left as of 1700 or 1800s, Jewish, may have also been BRAM, BRUM, or
various spellings. Last known relation was living in San Diego,

AYRES- Portuguese (possible Sepharic roots from surname ARIAS)

GARRIS-France (unknown)

TESSADA- from Spain (Barcelona, Mallorca), Jewish ancestry, this last name
was changed, family is know to have spent time in Portugal and Italy,
before fleeing permanently to Mexico, Carribean.

some first names-

Regina ( "queen" in Latin, Italian)
Benjamin (Hebrew origin)
Rudy (derivative of Ruben via Rudolfo)
Frank (short for either Francesco or Francisco or Franklin)
Pasquale (he came from Naples-comes from Pasqual which is Passover)
Camela/Carmello (Sicilians, comes from Hebrew "carmel", a mountain in
Alfonso (from Spain, "secular" name, traditional name was derivative of
Ibrahim (Abraham)
Guisseppe (Joseph)
Felice (means "happiness" in Italian)
Mamie (?)
Biagina (?)

if this sounds familiar or you have any info or questions, please e-mail


Megan diFalco-Kearns

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