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From: "Cristy in WV" <>
Subject: Re: Can anyone decipher this handwriting?
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 22:51:45 -0400
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The first line reads: Cardiopulmonary Arrest which is like a Heart Attack.
The second line reads: ASCUD which is ____ (Caused by)
The third line reads: Parkinson's Disease which is a neurological disease;
CHF which is Congestive Heart Failure; and __ which is ___.
No Autopsy Given.

The first line reads: Acute Myocardial Infarction which is a Heart Attack,
also known as MI. (Immediate)
The second line reads: Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease which is the
hardening and thickening of the arteries caused by Hypertension. (In Adult
The third line reads: Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease which is High
Blood Pressure. (In Adult Life)
No Autopsy Given.

Hope this helps and I can look in to the ones I didn't find if you want.

Cristy in WV
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"Kenneth Pardue" <> wrote in message
> These two images are portions of death certificates for my grandparents,
> first Iley Avorn, the second Verda Ophelia. I'm terrible as discerning
> handwriting, and this, particularly on my grandfather's is the worst...
> anyone with any medical experience or just talent for reading poor
> handwriting could take a look at these, I'd appreciate it.
> Kenneth

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