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From: "Yvonne" <>
Subject: [AMBROSE] FW: AMBROSE family of norfolk
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 22:55:10 -0400

Hello list,

My Ambrose family is attached, if there is any connection please contact me

Yvonne Sandid

Prepared by: Yvonne Sandid - 2002

Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents
William Ambrose
Married 1803
Elizabeth Tingley
7 childrenChipping, Hertford
Therfield, Sandon
The Tingley family eventually run the furniture business in Hatfield

Great, Great, Great Grandparents
John Ambrose
Married 1839
Sara Newman
11 children


Barkway, Hertford
1881 British Census
John -Head Agr Labourer
Children born before 1881
George (14) - Groom
Fanny (9)-Scholar
Charles (4) - Scholar

Yvonne Sandid/Francis/Ron Hucklesby found Iron Cross at Buckland Church in
summer 2001, Brother: James Ambrose1809-1872
Wife Mary died age 29. James lived at one time with his Daughter Emma in
Buckland They had 5 children, John age 14, was killed when a work horse
rolled on him. One son Edward must have taken the Kings Shilling, 1881 in
Woolwich, a Sargent, married.

Great, Great Grandparents
Frederick Ambrose
Married 1863
Eliza Page
10 childrenBorn Buckland
Buried Cottered

Born Sandon
Buried in Cottered1881 British Census
Frederick-Head Agr Lab
Emma Ambrose 1867 (14)
John Ambrose1869 (12)
Charlotte 1872(9)
Samonel 1876 (5)
William 1878 (3)
Winfored 1880 (1)Horsemaster at Broadfield Hall

Eliza-Died Bridgefoot, Layston (Workhouse)

Great Grandparents
John Ambrose
Married 1892
Sarah Ann Edwards
6 childrenBorn Buckland
Buried Cottered
475 Western House, Ware.
Sarah born: Westmill, HertsJohn was referred to as a Carman (mover)
Death cert: retired Dustman for Islington
Son Ernest christened in Cottered
Death Cert: Sarah Ann widow of John council worker
John and Sarah are on the 1901 census - will update when I get it. Cottage
condemned in 1938/9. The rent was 15/4d per week
23 The Crescent
rent in 1940 2 pounds.6s.1d.
in 1950 3.13s.6d + 8s.9p waterSon: Fredrick Ambrose 1892-1968
Married 1892
Emily Elizabeth Howton 1891-1987
Cousin in France:
Sue Harris

John Herbert Ambrose

Agnes Mary Fincham
5 childrenBorn: Holloway
Buried: Holloway


Reginald Herbert 1921-Stanley Charles 1925
John Ernest 1926
Patricia Dora 19
Francis 19
Agnes Mary, mother Irish, Sister: Florence never married, 1 daughter Doris
had 2 children, Edward and Charles buried outside Swindon in War Grave
MemorialBrother: William or Ernest.
Sister Lillian Brand emigrated to Canada
#5-26 Broadway Street, Chilliwack, B.C.

John Ernest Ambrose

Violet Lillian Roberts
4 childrenBorn: Holloway

Janet Francis 1946
Christine Ann 1947
Yvonne Doris 1949
Janice Elaine 1965

Supplement to - Ambrose Detailed Family Tree
Prepared by: Yvonne Sandid - 2002
Ambrose means eternal

Originally Researched by: Sue Harris, (e-mail: Address:
Can George, Al Serrat, 66130 Prunet Et Belpuig, France
Prepared and Researched by: Yvonne Sandid e-mail:
Address; 13 Kirk Drive, London, Ontario, Canada N6P1E3 Tel: 519 652-9368

The family can be traced back to Sandon, Chipping, Buckland, Wyddial and
then Cottered all in Hertford. Mainly they were agricultural labourers. Our
Great Great Grandfather parents Frederick and Eliz had 10 children - only 1
died. 4 boys - still researching, but believe they married, one at least
had a son killed in the First World War. Two girls were in service in
London and outskirts.

Frederick (referred to above) was the son of John and Sara. This
complicates things a bit as, of course, our grandparents were also John and
Sara - also another John and Sara were around in Hitchin.

Sue has copies of Church Registers that go back to the Banns and marriage of
William Ambrose (1779) to Elizabeth Tingey in 1803.

Frederick was in charge of the farm horses (it's on his death certificate),
and Eliza couldn't write but always 'made her mark', the two of them are
buried in Cottered churchyard, John too but I haven't yet been able to trace
an entry for Sarah in the record office and the vicar didn't seem able to
find one. Sue has a copy of Sarah's death cert for 1956 for Weston,
Stevenage registration district.

Our three times Great Grandmother Sara was a witness to a manslaughter case.
A neighbor "bopped" his wife and she eventually died, he got off.
At least two Ambrose's were in the Union Workhouse, one born and lived
through to his death

In Wydial in 2001 Sue met and talked to Mrs. Hewson in her 80s who was an
Ambrose before marriage, she lives pass the church, left hand side, she is a
twig of ours.

No one was on the transported lists for Hertfordshire Ambroses.

In 1900's the house where the Ambrose's live in Buckland was destroyed by
fire - thatched roof caught fire when a neighbour across the way cleaned the
hot ashes out of the fire - wind blew ashes.

The Vicar was recorded in the Parish records that a terrible fire broke out
in 1807 in Chipping. It costs a 100 pounds to rebuild the two cottages.

There were Ambrose's in Hitchin at the same time but no connection has yet
been made. John in Hitchin was publicly whipped for 100 yards from Hitchin
marked and jailed for one month for stealing half + peck of beans and peas
At Herts R.O. they have the Buckland School Log - Sue had to read this
propped up on a cushion, as it was so fragile so couldn't be photocopied.
The following was an entry: 1875 John Ambrose punished for stealing and
eating some of the children's dinner. Henry Class III and Martha Class V
receiving first price for Writing and Spelling Exam, these were the children
of Johns Uncle who lived and worked at Wydial.

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