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From: John Helmut Merz <>
Subject: [AM-REV] General George Rogers Clark!
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 11:37:07 -0800

To the historians on this mailing list, is this General? a forgotten
hero of the American Revolution?
Originating from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia this General
apparently organized the Virginia Militia, and in 1778 made war
on the British in the Ohio area. He captured the old French settlements
of Louisville on the Ohio, Vincennes on the Wabash and Kaskaskia
on the Mississippi, where he intented to stay during the harsh
winter. The British under their Governor Hamilton of Detroit made
a counterstrike and recaptured Vincennes, where they had to shack
up for the Winter. General Clark upon getting the news decided to
take back this town, and had his troops march the 150 miles under
great difficulties to Vincennes and surprised the British, who
seeing no way to escape, surrendered to General Clark. All the
prisoners including the Governor were taken to Virginia.
This was a tremendous effort and I don't know whether this has ever
been much publicized. There must have been many Revolutionary
soldiers involved who were tested to the limits of their capabilities.
I wonder if there is more known about this part of the Revolution.
John <>; <--click-there--<< for
more on the American Revolution.

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