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From: "Judy Longley" <>
Subject: [A-REV] DAR, Gravesites of Rev. War Vets
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 07:38:59 -0400

Alice asked,

>>Do any of you know of a listing ( or publication including the) of the
gravesites of Revolutionary War soldiers/patriots?<<

I don't have the full cite handy, but ca. 1919 DAR did publish at least one
more list of such grave sites. Some of the listings had no very specific
grave site. Some were erroneous as to date. And as should be expected,
the list had the usual old DAR errors as to identities/service.

This was probably in the <Magazine>, perhaps as a special publication.
Your DAR chapter's corresponding secretary can query the national office
concerning title and date, and then anyone can borrow a copy via
inter-library loan. has this publication indexed on line.


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