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From: John Helmut Merz <>
Subject: [AMREV-HESSIANS] Georg Steinhauer, Hessian soldier?
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 22:46:01 -0700

everytime I see a new name pop up which I have not encountered before,
I search through all my books, lists, and what have you, to find it
somewhere. I have no problem finding 'Steinhauer', there are several,
but there is not one 'Georg/George' in between.

Needless to say, this name is not in my 'Register' which covers pretty
well all German auxiliary soldiers who remained in Canada. The book
came out in 1993, and in all I found only about a half dozen new one's
since then. But it would not surprise me.
Something else would not surprise me either, that he may have changed
his name slighty because it may have been a real tongue-breaker, such as
'Steinbrecher', forgive me if I am trying to confuse you, but to
translate that name it means 'breaker of stones', while 'Steinhauer'
would directly translate into 'hitter of stones', perhaps a loose
description of Steinmetz, which is a stone-mason.

But let's look at the military files:
HETRINA II has a Steinhauer, Christoph, a Steinhauer, Henrich, and a
Steinhauer, Johannes, plus one without a first name. None of them
listed as discharged or deserter in America. Henrich was the youngest,
born 1753/55.
HETRINA III has a Steinhauer/heuser, Matthias, born 1754/55, listed as
a prisoner in Feb 1777 and still in Oct 1783. He was with the Hesse-
Kassel Regt. Rall and captured at Trenton, N.J. 26 Dec 1776.
There is also a Steinhauer, Oswald, born 1759/60 , and a Steinhausen,
Franz Antonius, 1747/48, listed as prisoner in Sep 1779 by his Regt.,
the Hesse-Kassel v.Knyphausen, but listed as returned in June 1783.

The Trenton prisoner list has Steinhauer, Matthias from the Rall Regt.,
but has also a Georg Steinbrecher from the Knyphausen Regt., both were
kept at Lancaster, Penns.
So, after all this, there is nothing conclusive except that the name
is there. If he died and is buried in Quebec, perhaps you find his
place of burial and/or records. That would probably help.
Sorry, I do not have anything else. John Merz,

Patricia Stinehour wrote: mailto:
John Merz wrote:
> In my 'Register of German military Men' who remained in Canada after
> the American Revolution [...]
> (incidently, this reference book is available at many Genealogical
> Societies in Canada, and contains appr. 4200 names incl. variations)
Read with interest your post, as "Register of German Military Men" is a
new resource for me.
Is it appropriate to ask if my ancestor is in the book before I search
for a genealogical society that is selling it? If so, thank you.

His name was George Stinehour, born about 1756, died in Cowansville, QC,
Canada, 2/26/1844, married to Charity Van Allen.

Twelve of his 16 children were born in Highgate, VT; the last four being
born in Canada.

Family history describes him as a Hessian soldier who decided to remain
here after the war, which makes me hope his name may appear in the book
to which you refer.

Thank you for any advice you may have.
Patricia Stinehour

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