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From: "John Merz" <>
Subject: [REV-HESSIANS] Re: Brunswick "Hessian" military records
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 13:02:00 -0400

Hello, Larry D. Brooks, from Del Mar, California, you are keeping
right on the trigger, ain't this 'Hessian' research exciting. Back in 1996
we corresponded and I had not much for you, in fact, advised you to
contact the Johannes Schwalm people. Hope you had some luck.
Now for a starter, I'll copy this to the AMREV-HESSIANS-L list
for two reasons, first to establish a record of this mail, and secondly
to help you find some material in our archives.
This will be a good beginning again.
Cheers, John

From: Larry D. Brooks <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2000 7:26 PM

> My g-g-g-g-grandfather was a Brunswick "hessian", and Clifford
> Neal Smith shows him as one of the "Brunswick Deserters" on page
> 23, as Christoph Klintzmann, age 30 years and 2 months (in 1780),
> and as a prisoner of war whose whereabouts are unknown.
> Also, I find him in 1786, as one of the sponsors for the baptism
> of Elizabeth, daughter of "Larance Kremer and Gertruy Klapper",
> in the Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia County, NY. Smith
> lists "Lorenz Kraemer" as a Hessen-Hanau infantryman.
> Extensive reading has led me to believe that KLINTZMAN and
> KRAEMER escaped, or were allowed to escape, after their capture
> at the Battle of Saratoga and joined the German speaking
> communities in Columbia County, NY.
> I am looking for military records about KLINTZMANN's conscription
> by the Duke of Brunswick, in particular showing to which unit or
> type of unit he was assigned. I assume the originals of such
> records will be in the Wolfenbuttel State Archives; however, are
> copies and/or translations available in North America??
> Incidentally, I have found Christoph's birth record in the
> Evangelical Church records in Wolfenbuttel, as follows: Hans
> Christoph KLINSMANN, born in Hunerdorf, Calvoerde parish, 20
> August 1752. The surname has since been anglicized to CLINTSMAN.
> Thanks for your assistance, and take care, Larry Brooks

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