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From: "John Merz" <>
Subject: [HESSIANS] A Tribute to Sylvia Higgins, better known as 'Silvie' from Arizona.
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 11:56:50 -0500
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To give Credit where Credit is Due !

First time I heard of her when she answered one of my queries on
a mail list I don't even remember, probably was a Loyalist list, because
my subject line said "Hessian ancestors hiding in your Loyalist lines?"
That was back in July 1997. She wrote back to me, my ancestor ...

"Martin Meyer was a Hessian soldier during the Revolution"
and she gave me her webpage as quoted below, which I checked out
and was surprised. She had really started a beautiful trend.

She had done quite some research, and interestingly, started a kind of
Registry for Hessian soldiers, which you can reach once you get down
to the bottom of her Martin Meyer soldier's page, and find a button -
back to homepage, this is where you go. You will then find a line called
Internet Listings of Hessian Soldiers of the Revolution. It contains mostly
queries of descendants searching for information. In the past I used to
contact those who had posted queries and tried to help. Many of them
are now memberes of this list, and have learned a lot more in the meantime.
Silvie did it very nicely, you click on the letter of the alphabet and here you
find all those listed under this letter, for instance, the name we had yesterday
is there HAWN, Henry, you also find Haupt, Arnold, and Hasenpflug, Johann.

The biggest problem with Silvie's system is, that there are no posting dates given,
one does not know how old the postings are, and therefore how old the information is.
I have seen so many names in there with basically no information at all, or with
information completely out of whack, untrue, embellished, without any basis of
fact, quoted without given any hint of documentation, and I think this is a
great handicap. Sylvia does not seem to have any control over an otherwise
good project.

That's my beef!

I do appreciate her listing my website and saying:
THE HESSIANS - Links, Books and Info - Best Site I've found so far on the Internet.
And I looove her music -

Sylvie Higgins is also a member of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Assoc.
since at least 1996, although she seems to be a silent one.

Back to her ancestor Martin Meyer, she and I believe it to be the
Hesse-Kassel Jaeger Martin MEYER, (Hetrina IV#4618) born 1760/61
in Hombressen (now 34369 Hofgeismar) who was reported as a POW
in April 1783.

However, according to Sylvia, she received information from
the Staatsarchiv in Marburg/Hessen, that Meyer actually deserted on
22 April 1783 together with another comrade Christian HEIL, with their
arms and equipment from 'Cold Spring' on Long Island. This is interesting,
because Hetrina had this man also listed as a POW in April 1783.
There is nothing found in Silvie's list about this HEIL, and neither
do I have any information in my files.

Any HEIL/HEYL or perhaps HEAL descendants out there?
Would he not stayed together with Meyer, at least in the beginning?

So, Sylvia Higgins from Arizona, you made it on my list, thanks to Jane.
John Merz

For your review.

I. Martin MYERS - b Martin Meyer abt 1760, Hombressen, Germany; d aft 1822
Dimock, Susquehanna Co, PA. Ch were:
1. Surzardus MYERS - b abt 1786; (See below)
2. Alvin MYERS - b abt 1789 CT or NY (both are listed in early census); m
Rhoda ???; Ch were: (a) Simon MYERS b abt 1815; (b) Zardis MYERS b abt 1819;
(c) Clarissa MYERS b abt 1825 PA; m 16 Apr 1856 at Ararat, Susquehanna Co, PA
3. Clarinda MYERS - m after 1850 to Henry Leroy BUTTON
Rush was the fifth township erected, organized in 1801 Bridgewater was the
seventh township erected, organized in 1806 Middletown was the fourteenth
township erected, organized in 1814 Springville was the fifteenth township
erected, organized in 1814 Dimock was the nineteenth township erected,
organized 1832 (Dimock was principally included in Springville from 1814 to
Dec 1832)
Martin was a Hessian soldier during the Revolution, who left the service
before the close of the War. He was hid by a young woman to avoid being taken
back to Germany and she later became his wife. In 1799 Martin came to Dimock,
PA - he was one of the first settlers.
Martin Myers appears in the 1800 census for Wyalusing Township, Luzerne Co,
PA (page 201). He and his wife are shown as age "45 and over" - two males age
"10-16" - one female "under 10". Martin lived near Daniel Ross, Joseph
Chapman, Jr. & Sr., Jonathan West, and Charles & George Morey.
Martin Myers appears in the 1810 census for Bridgewater Township, Luzerne Co,
PA (page 750). He and his
wife are shown as age "45 and over" - one male "under 10".
Susquehanna County separated from Luzerne County in 1810 - the two prior
townships are part of Susquehanna County.
Martin could not be located in the 1820 census - the entire Susquehanna
County census was searched. According to the tax records at the Courthouse,
Martin and his son Alvin appear in Bridgewater Twp. (marked as Springville -
Dimock later separated from Springville - all this gets confusing) in 1813
through 1819 and 1822. Where Martin was in 1820 is a mystery, but he could
have been missed by the census taker. He probably died after 1822 because he
disappears from the tax records at that time. In the Susquehanna County
History, his daughter, Clarinda (Myers) Button, states that he is buried 1/2
mile east of Dimock Corners. According to local history, that cemetery was
located on private land and the owner wanted the graves removed. Several
graves were moved to the present Dimock Cemetery, but Martin Myers is not
listed among the graves. He could be there, but without a marker.
"Martin Myers was a Hessian soldier in the British army during the
Revolution. He came to Pennsylvania from one of the New England States,
having left the service before the close of the war, and settled down as a
peacable citizen of the country against which he had been sent to fight. By
the contract between the Government of Great Britain and the Prince of
Hesse-Cassel; a sum of money was to be paid to the latter for all the
Hessians not returned, and they were, at the end of the war, carefully sought
for to be taken back. Myers, not wishing to return, sought concealment, and
was aided by a young woman with whom he had become acquainted. He was not
found, and after the troops had left the country, this woman became his wife.
In the fall of 1799 he is said to have carried the following load upon his
back from Black's mill, on the Wyalusing, up to the forks of the creek, a
distance of ten miles, the flour of one bushel of wheat, one bushel of rye,
fourteen shad and a gun. At the Forks he added to his load one gallon and a
pint of whiskey, a large bake-kettle weighing twenty-five pounds, and a
common sized cross-cut saw, all of which he carried without assistance
thirteen miles farther to his own residence. These thirteen miles were
entirely in the woods, and he was guided only by a line of marked trees. This
Samson-like feat was performed by no 'Samson in size'."

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