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Teresa, my Anderson are in Pike Co., KY in the 830s. I have been told
that John Reuben Anderson died ca 1843 in Pike Co., KY. I have been
told that there is supposed to be some kind of connection to Reuben
and Gate City. Here is what info I have on his family. I would
appreciate any help I can get. William Jiles (below) is my
great-grandfather) I have more generations forward and ancestors for
Lucy Burke. Will be happy to share
1. Reuben Anderson, b. abt 1800, Scott, Co., Virginia, (son of James?
Anderson and unknown). He married Lucy Burke, m. Feb 9, 1824, in Scott
County, Virginia By Robert Kilgore JPC, b. Aug 9, 1800, Bedford Co.,
Virginia, (daughter of John Peartree Burke and Mary Stevens). Reuben
died 1843/44, Pike County, Kentucky. He came from Virginia to Pike
County, KY about 1833 when he first appears in the tax list. He was
appointed surveyor of a road in Aug. 1833. (Order BK B, page 108). He
appears in the 1840 Census for Pike Co., KY. Then in 1843 and 1844 his
widow is exempted from county levies. (Order Bk B1, page 116). He gave
oral consent for the marriage of his daughter Susannah Nov. 26, 1843.
He is listed as John Reuben Anderson on his son Aaron's death
certificate. Lucy: In the 1870 census she is living in the home of
her son Moses. 3 Nov 1859, Lucy Cantrell made deed to her two youngest
sons Aaron and Moses Anderson; (Deed Book E, page 272) she gave them
all her possessions with the stipulation that they would care for her
for the rest of her life.
2. i Susannah Anderson b. abt 1825.
3. ii James "Jim" Anderson b. 1828.
iii Lydia Anderson, b. abt 1831, Virginia. She married (1)
unknown. She married (2) Solomon Quillen, m. 27 June 1855, in Letcher
Co., KY by Solomon Yonts, b. 1834, Pike Co., KY.
iv Mary Ann Anderson, b. abt 1827, Tennessee. She married John
M. Hall, m. Jan 2, 1847, in Pike County, Kentucky by Abraham Cantrell,
b. abt 1824, North Carolina. Marriage Bond signed by John Hall and
John W. Belcher.
4. v Nancy Anderson b. 7 Dec 1833.
5. vi Thomas "Tom" Anderson b. abt 1835.
6. vii John M. Anderson b. abt 1837.
viii Lucy Anderson, b. abt 1838, Kentucky. She married John F.
ix Moses Anderson, b. 10 Feb 1840, Kentucky. Was living with
his mother in the 1870 Census for Pike Co., KY.
7. x Aaron Anderson b. 10 Feb 1840.
xi Isaac Anderson, b. abt 1835, Virginia.

Second Generation

2. Susannah Anderson, b. abt 1825, Scott Co, VA. She married (1) John
"Martin" Johnson, m. Nov 28, 1843, in Pike County, Kentucky by Abraham
Cantrill., b. Nov. 26 1824, Jamestown, James City County, Virginia,
(son of John Johnson and Agnes/Grace Miller) d. prior 1870, Pike Co.,
KY. She married (2) John Vanover, m. 1872, in Letcher Co., KY, b.
1822, Ashe Co., NC, (son of Daniel Vanover and Nancy Collins). Her
father, Reuben Anderson gave oral consent for her to marry Martin
Johnson. John: 1860 census for Pike Co., KY lists: Martin, 40; Susan
35; Lucy 16, Christian 14; Nancy 11; James 9; George 8; Rubin 6; Mary
4; Isaac 2.
i Lucy Johnson, b. 1845, Pike County, Kentucky. She married
Riley Meade, m. April 1, 1869, in Pike County, Kentucky.
ii Christiana (Clarisa) Johnson, b. 26 Nov 1847, Pike County,
Kentucky. She married Booker Elkins, m. Jan 25, 1865, in Pike County,
Kentucky, b. 7 June 1848, Myra, Pike Co., Kentucky, d. 3 Jan 1929.
Christiana died 28 Dec 1944, buried: Lick Fork, Pike Co., KY.
iii Nancy Jane Johnson, b. 26 Feb 1850, Pike Co., KY. She
married Nathan Thomas "N. T." Hopkins, m. May 25, 1871, in Pike
County, Kentucky, divorced the home of Levi Greer, b. 29 Oct 1852,
(son of William Riley Hopkins and Rosan Phillip) d. 11 Feb 1927.
Nancy died 16 Feb 1937. Nancy is listed as living in the home of Levi
Greer in the 1870 census of Pike County, Kentucky.
iv James Johnson, b. 1851.
v George Washington Johnson, b. Oct 28, 1854, Pike Co., KY. He
married Annetta Coleman, m. 1875, in Letcher Co., KY. George died 16
March 1945, buried: Johnson Ceme. Regina, Kentucky.
vi Ruben Johnson, b. 27 Nov 1856, Pike County, Kentucky. He
married Bethena "Betty" Vanover, m. 13 April 1876, in Pike Co., KY, b.
17 Sept 1855, Pike County, Kentucky, d. 6 Aug 1940, Pike County,
Kentucky, buried: 7 Aug 1940, Johnson Ceme. 3-Mile, Pike Co., KY.
Ruben died 13 April 1933, Pike County, Kentucky, buried: 15 April
1933, Johnson Ceme, 3-Mile, Pike Co., KY. He was a member of the Old
Regular Baptist Chruch, Shelby, KY.
vii Mary "Polly" Johnson, b. 7 Sept 1857, Pike County, Kentucky.
She married Aaron Lucas, m. 15 Dec 1876, in Letcher Co., KY, b. 1857,
d. 1939. Mary died 6 Jan 1908, buried: Green Acres Ceme. in Letcher
Co., KY.
viii William Johnson, b. abt 1861. He married (1) Susan Adkins,
m. Oct 3, 1885, in Pike County, Kentucky, b. 1860, (daughter of
Stephen Adkins and Francis Rowe). He married (2) Louisa Blair.
William buried: Johnson Ceme., Regina, Kentucky.
ix Isaac Johnson, b. 6 April 1862, Pike County, Kentucky. He
married Louise Hackney, b. 6 Nov 1866, d. 12 Jan 1948. Isaac died 7
July 1958, Little Card Creek, Pike Co., KY.
x John Johnson, b. abt 1864.
xi Elizabeth Johnson, b. abt 1867.
xii John Vanover, b. abt 1864, Kentucky.
xiii Elizabeth Vanover, b. abt 1867.

3. James "Jim" Anderson, b. 1828, Washington Co., Virginia. He
married Jane Perlina "Lina" "Teeny" Potter, m. abt 1851, b. abt 1831,
Perry County, Kentucky, (daughter of Isaac Potter, Sr. and Mary
"Polly" Houston). James died 25 Dec 1938, Letcher Co., KY. Letcher
County Court Dec. Term 1883, will probated. (Book 1, page 31). He
leaves the farm to his wife Jane and all the property and household
furniture. At her death the land and all chattle and Household goods
to be equally divided among the heirs leaving out Elcaney Newsome an
his wife Mary Anderson. He mentions in the will the conditional line
made between James Anderson and Elcanie Newsome so he apparently had
already given Mary and her husband some of his land. Witness: Abraham
Potter, Thomas Hall. Jane: Her paternal grandfather was Abraham Potter
i Mary Polly Anderson, b. 17 May 1852, Letcher Co., KY. She
married Elcanie Newsome, m. 1871, (son of Hartwell Newsome and Saray
Tolley). Mary died 8 Jun 1928.
ii Isaac Anderson, b. 24 April 1857, Letcher Co., KY, d. 1875.
He never married.
iii John Anderson, b. 24 April 1857, Letcher Co., KY. He
married Sydney Wright, m. 14 Sept 1878. John died 25 Dec 1938.
iv Joseph Anderson, b. 8 Oct 1861. He married (1) Rachel
Anderson, m. Feb 27, 1879, in Pike County, Kentucky, b. Aug 1, 1862,
Pike Co., KY, (daughter of Hiram Anderson and Spicey Tackett) d. May
10, 1904. He married (2) Polly Little, m. Feb 27, 1905, (daughter of
Mose Little and Dicie Osborne) d. Feb 7 1908. He married (3) Amanda
Bryant, m. Sept 21, 1909, b. June 9 1889, Pike County, Kentucky,
(daughter of Lewis Bryant and Polly Jane Hamilton) d. July 13, 1933,
Pike County, Kentucky, buried: Belcher Ceme, Blaze Branch, Pike Co.,
KY. Joseph died 25 Dec 1938, Pike Co., KY. Joseph was elected
Moderator of the Old Regular Baptist Church of Long Fork Church, in
Pike Co., KY from Dec 1914 to Nov 1916. He was also Deacon of the
same church from Jan 1913 to April 1923. Letcher Co., KY Deed Bk X,
page 64-45; Joseph and wife Rachel sell all their interests in the
land of James and Jane P. Anderson, lying in Letcher Co, KY on Potters
fork of Boone Creek on the waters of Kentucky River, for $10 to
Abraham Potter.
v Lucy Anderson, b. 1862. She married Enoch Adams, m. 21 March
vi Moses Anderson, b. 26 Feb 1864. He married Elizabeth Craft,
m. 19 Feb 1886. Moses died 11 Oct 1936, Ermine, KY.
vii James Anderson, b. 1871. He married Ardelia Sanders, m. 27
Aug 1884, (daughter of Riley Sanders and Mahallie Bowens). James died
viii Nancy J. Anderson, b. 1878. She married Ransom Holbrook,
m. 17 Aug 1896.
ix Ed Anderson.
x Susan Anderson.

4. Nancy Anderson, b. 7 Dec 1833, Virginia. She married (1) Marston
G. Clay, m. ca 1850/51, b. ca 1830, Pike County, Kentucky, (son of
John Clay and Anna Amelia Elswick) d. ca 1855. She married (2) James
Clevinger Mullins, m. ca 1858, in place unknown, b. 1835, Kentucky,
(son of James Mullins and Eleander Clevinger) occupation Farmer.
Nancy died 15 Jan 1899, Pike Co. KY, buried: Lick Fork, Soward's
Cemetery, Beefhide Creek,. Was witness to will of Abraham Cantrill
(step-father) in Pike Co., KY in 1858 signed as Nancy Clay. She is
shown in the 1860 Pike Co., Kentucky census as Nancy Clevinger, wife
of James Clevinger. In 1870 they are living in Floyd County, Kentucky
and in 1880 they are back in Pike County, Kentucky. During the Civil
War Nancy's horse was taken by the Union soldiers, the story says she
followed them for 3 days until she was able to talk to the commander
and convince him of her need for that horse as the only means to feed
her children. Marston: He disappears after the birth of his second
son, Leonard. Family tradition states he went to water the horses and
never came back. Since he is deceased he is not mentioned in the 1873
Deed, which names his father's heirs. His two sons Giles and Leonard
Clay are named in his place. His children are listed as orphans in a
court record in 1857 where their grandfather John Clay is attempting
to have them bound out, because he claims Nancy is unable to provide
for them. They are with their mother in the 1860, Pike Co., KY census.
James: Pike Co. Ky Deed Book 0, Page 373. Deed dated 19 Feb 1885,
James Clevinger and his wife Nancy Clevinger selling a tract of land
situtated on the Lick Fork of Beefhide Creek to Levi Greer.
i William Jiles Clay, b. May 17, 1852, Pike Co. KY, occupation
Farmer. He married (1) Luraney Bentley, m. 28 Nov 1871, in Letcher
Co. KY at William Whitaker's, b. Jan 17 1853, (daughter of Simeon
Bentley and Nancy Hall) d. Dec 4, 1890, Pike Co., KY, buried: Lick
Fork, Soward's Cemetery, Beefhide, Kentucky. He married (2) Anna
Mullins, b. 12 Nov 1849, Virginia, (daughter of Andrew Jackson "Brandy
Jack" Mullins and Polly Anna Mullins) christened at the Lebanon
Regular Baptist Church, d. 22 Dec 1925, Dickenson Co., VA, buried:
Caney Ridge, Mullins Cemetery, Dickenson Co., VA. William died Oct
16, 1938, Caney Ridge, Dickenson Co., VA, buried: Caney Ridge, Lebanon
Baptist Church, Mullins Cemetery. A Deed Dated January 6, 1903.
Giles Clay and wife Luraney selling all coal, oil, gas and mineral
substances in, on and under a tract of land situated in Letcher
County, Kentucky on Beefhide Creek. Pike County, KY Deed Book 32, page
32. Jan 30, 1888, Wm J. Clay selling land on Johns Creek to Wm
Mullins Deed Dated 14 May 1890, Mineral Lease to Richard M Broas land
located on the waters of Road Fork of Beefhide Creek in Letcher
County, KY, comprising 110 acres. Luraney: Luraney was the mother of
all Jiles Clay's children. She died shortly after the birth of Virgie
"Dolly". At that time Jiles decided he would take his children over
the mountain into Virginia. He eventually settled on Caney Ridge in
Dickenson Co., VA. Luraney's Headstone reads "Luraney Clay, wife of
W. J. Clay".
ii Joseph Leonard Clay, b. May 8, 1854, Pike Co., KY. He
married Mary Kochensparger, d. prior 1933. Joseph died Oct 12, 1933,
Alliance Ohio, Stark Co., Ohio, buried: Oct 16, 1933, Byesville Ohio.
Cause of death Cerebral Hemorrhage due to Arterio Sclerossis.
Informant was Kenneth Harlan, of Alliance Ohio.
iii Aney "Annie" Mullins, b. 10 Sept. 1859, Pike County,
Kentucky. She married Wilburn Mullins, m. 6 April 1881, in Pike Co.,
KY, b. 27 june 1862, (son of Nelson Mullins Sr. and Matilta Elswick)
d. 29 April 1931. Aney died ca 1916-1920.
iv Sarah Clevinger, b. ca 1861, Kentucky.
v Tenie P. Clevinger, b. Feb 1864, Kentucky. She married George
Washington Tackett, m. 5 July 1889, in Pike County, KY, b. Jan 1867,
d. Aug 1949. Tenie died Nov 1956.
vi John Clevinger Mullins, b. ca 1866, Kentucky. He married
Rachel Tackett.
vii James Anderson Clevinger, b. ca 1870, Kentucky.
viii Lucy Clevinger, b. ca 1872, Kentucky.
ix Morgan Clevinger, b. ca 1873, Kentucky.

5. Thomas "Tom" Anderson, b. abt 1835, Pike Co., Kentucky. He married
Sarah "Sally" Osborne, m. Sept 29, 1859, in Wise County, Virginia by
Stephen H. Senter, b. ca 1840, Russell Co., Virginia, (daughter of
James Osborne and Mary ?). Thomas died prior 1899. He was living in
Pike County, Kentucky in 1859. Sarah: She was living in Wise County,
Virginia in 1859.
i James Anderson, b. abt 1860.
ii Polly Anderson, b. abt 1863.
iii Reuben Anderson, b. abt 1864.
iv Elizabeth Anderson, b. abt 1865.
v John M. Anderson.
vi Lucy Anderson, b. abt 1870.
vii Floyd Anderson, b. abt 1873.
viii Joseph Anderson, b. abt 1875.
ix Hulda Anderson, b. aft 1880.

6. John M. Anderson, b. abt 1837, Kentucky. He married Louisa
Quillen, b. abt 1843, Letcher Co., Kentucky.
i Reuben Anderson, b. 5 May 1858. He married Nancy Hall, m. 18
Apr 1882, in Letcher Co., KY, b. 1 Jan 1859, d. 12 Aug 1949, buried:
Baker Ceme, Beaver Dam, Colson, Letcher Co., KY. Reuben died 19 Jun
1909, buried: Baker Ceme., Beaver Dam, Colson, Letcher Co., KY.
ii William Anderson, b. Mar 1885.

7. Aaron Anderson, b. 10 Feb 1840, Letcher Co., Kentucky. He married
Nancy Elizabeth Hall, m. abt 1863, in Pike County, Kentucky, b. May
1842, Kentucky, (daughter of Reuben Hall, Jr. and Mahala Bentley) d.
Bef 1910. Aaron died 21 March 1917, Fleming, Letcher Co., Kentucky.
Lived on Right hand fork of Boone Creek in Letcher, Co., KY.
i Elizabeth Anderson. She married (1) Jarvey Hall. She married
(2) Gar Johnson.
ii Benjamin Anderson, b. March 1864, Letcher Co., KY. He
married (1) Martha Caroline Bentley, m. 6 July 1887, in Letcher Co.,
KY, b. June 1869, KY, (daughter of James Martin Bentley and Tabitha
Johnson). He married (2) Christine "Tina" Vanover, m. 4 June 1904, in
Dickenson Co., VA. Benjamin died 1921, Letcher Co., KY.
iii Reuben "Rube" Anderson, b. 4 Nov 1864, KY. He married (1)
unknown. He married (2) Ritter "Rit" Wright, m. 9 Oct 1892, in
Letcher Co., KY at home of Hiram Wright. Reuben died 11 Sept 1940.
iv Mary A. Anderson, b. 1869, KY. She married William Marion
Hall, m. 1 May 1891, in Letcher Co., KY.
v Noah Columbus Anderson, b. ca 1874, Fleming, Letcher Co., KY.
He married (1) Sarah Bernice Holbrook, m. 12 Oct 1895, in Letcher Co.,
KY at home of R.W. Tolliver. He married (2) Martha Ann Stidham, m. 7
Dec 1902, in Letcher Co., KY at home of J.M. Wright. He married (3)
Pearlie Rife, m. 5 Oct 1916, in Letcher Co., KY.
vi Nancy Elizabeth Anderson, b. 5 Sept 1872, Letcher Co., KY.
She married James Richard "Jim" Hall, m. 24 Dec 189 1890, in Letcher
Co., KY. Nancy died 10 June 1950.
vii Arminda Anderson, b. 1878, KY. She married Solomon Hall, m.
13 May 1899, in Letcher Co.,KY at home of J.R. Hall.
viii James M. "Jim" Anderson, b. 1880, Baker, Kentucky. He
married (1) Sarah E. "Sissie" Bentley, m. 19 April 1900, in Letcher
Co., KY. He married (2) Villa Dotson, m. 23 Oct 1944, in Whitesburg,
Letcher Co., KY.
ix Manerva C. Anderson, b. 1884.

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