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From: "Sue Gill" <>
Subject: [ANDREWS-L] William Andrews, Dinwiddie Co., VA.
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 21:41:50 -0500

Questions regarding
1. date of death of William Andrews
2. Andrews/Bowen, Vaughn connection
3. Amy, daughter of Thomas Andrews, d. 1731

1. > Question - when was the will of William Andrews of Dinwiddie Co
probated? It
> must have been after Oct 31, 1771 since the deed below seems to be for the
> same land that William's will left to son John.
> Oct. 31, 1771 from William Andrews of Dinwiddie County to John Andrews of
> Mecklenburg for 200 pds 280 a. in Mecklenburg, bounded by Andrews old line
> on MacDaniel's line, Vaughn, Atkinson, a new line between Ephraim Andrews
> and John Andrews, William Andrews, Thomas Andrews. Signed William X
> Andrews.
> Wit: Richard Jones, Abram X Andrews, Ephraim X Andrews, David Brooks,
> George Andrews. Rec: Dec. 9,1771. (Deed Book 3, p. 272. Mecklenburg
> County, Virginia, Deeds, 1765-1771, T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL,
> 1990).
Does anyone have anything to answer this question? I see death dates from
1771 to 1773.

2. >From the 1770 will:
Item: I give and Devise unto my son John Andrews and to his Heirs and
Assigns forever two hundred and eighty acres of Land part of my Tract of
Land in Mecklenburg County as is (?) of? adjoining his plantation.

This land was in NE Mecklenburg, very near the Bowen land and the George
Vaughan land. William Andrews and Richard Andrews' first record in the
Brunswick/Lunenburg area was when they witnessed the 1740 Brunswick will of
James Voughn, father of George Vaughan.

> The Andrews and Bowens both appeared in the Bristol Parish register with
> children born at about the same time - late 1720's, early 1730's. Both
> families appeared in Lunenburg Co later. From the tithes lists and the
> deeds, it's obvious they were near neighbors in early Lunenburg.
> The two earliest Bowens who moved from Bristol Parish to the part of
> Brunswick that became Lunenburg and later Mecklenburg were William Bowen
> Robert Bowen, probably brothers. William Bowen's wife was named Amy.
> Bowen's wife was named Avis. Descendants of these Bowens named children
> would seem to reflect the Andrews family - Drury Andrus Bowen (spelling
> census), Rollie Andrews Bowen. The Bowens loved nicknames - Jeffrey became
> Jeffa, Jedidiah became Jeddy etc. So I suspect Rollie Andrews Bowen was
> named for Rowland Andrews and Drury Andrus Bowen was named for Drury
> or at least for some Andrews. The father of Drury Andrus Bowen seems to
> been Drury Bowen who patented land in Mecklenburg with Robert Bowen and
> most likely his son. So the name Drury could have passed from father to
> but that still doesn't account for the middle name Andrus.
> Rollie Andrews Bowen and Drury Andrus Bowen were probably descendants of
> Robert Bowen and Avis although their exact descent has been difficult to
> establish. Robert's wife's name was Avis, a name that was strong in the
> Andrews family. However Robert's wife certainly wasn't the same as the
> or daughter of William Andrews.
> So far I haven't found anything in the Bowen records to prove a link to
> Andrews family, but I feel sure there was an early link perhaps tracing
> to Bristol Parish. Do you know of any Andrews records that might help to
> make the connection?

3. Another question - I have seen several webpages which list Amy as a
of Thomas Andrews of Henrico Co - therefore a sister to the above William
Andrews. The source for this seems to be a book that was published on the
Andrews family - and the book gives the Henrico Co will of Thomas Andrews as
its source for daughter Amy. I have only an abstract of that will. No such
daughter was named in the abstract. Abstracts have been known to have errors
and omissions. Same is true for books. Obviously one or the other is in
error. It will take checking the actual will to determine whether the
daughter Amy actually existed or not. Do you know of anyone who has the
actual will?

The original will entry can be found in Film # 0031770. Henrico Co., VA.
Deeds and Wills 1725-1737, No. 2, Part 1.
It is difficult to read, and I also missed Ame the first time through. I
thought it said Ann, who had already been mentioned. But, if you go back,
each of those daughters received one shilling. It was three separate
sentences. So, I agree with the research that says Ame was also a daughter.
(I also had a copy of the will transcript from a book, which did not mention


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