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Subject: [ANDREWS-L] Andrews and Howes - Rumford/Norway/Stow
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 08:20:37 EDT

Am trying to connect a Maine Howe family with a Maine Andrews family.

Col. Eli Howe's son, Alonzo H. Howe of Hanover, Maine, married Nancy A.
Andrews (b. June 1, 1818 d. April 20, 1877). Additionally, Col. Eli Howe had
married Salome Andrews (no dates given). All from History of Hanover, Maine
by Howard.

Catherine Andrews was the mother of noted miner Edgar D. Andrews (1837-1915)
of Stow, Maine.

The reason I'm looking is that Col. Eli Howe's brother Calvin Howe (b. 1802)
lived in North Rumford beside Howe Brook at the foot of what became Hall's
Ridge where the famous Dunton {Newry} gem mines are located. (Henry Hall
married Julia Abbott in the late 1800's.) In 1898, Edgar D. Andrews was one
of the first miners at the Dunton mine and I'm writing a history of the gem
mining at that site. Edmund M. Bailey (1858-1943) of Andover was the first
miner on the spot. By this time, however, Calvin has passed to his reward and
the homes were eventually owned by Joshua Abbott and later his son Ellery
Abbott and the Abbotts were also heavily involved in mining there.

Forgive my enthusiasm for what seems distance genealogy, as we are
mathematically no more distant than 50th cousins to everyone on this planet,
30th cousin is the mathematical limit for Europeans, and perhaps 10th cousins
if you live in Maine for any time. Basically, I'm interested in George Howe
(1870-1950) and George Noyes (1863-1945). Noyes was very directly related to
Edgar D. Andrews through his great grand mother, Polly Andrews. George Howe's
nephew, George Morrison, married Althea Noyes. The thesis I'm trying to
develop is that family is the most important glue for a town and county and
the activities of a known family member influences the path we take.

Would also like to link Joseph Abbot Nile, who married George Howe's second
cousin, and was a member of the first actual mining company at Newry in 1902
to the Abbott/McCrillis families, who operated the gem mine later.

Don't forget the two lobster dinner reward for information leading to the
reading of the diary of Dr. Hiram Francis Abbott of Rumford Point. The diary
was in the possession of Thurston Cole (b. 1906 d. 1963; never married, no
children), also an Abbott relative living in Rumford Point.

Best Regards, Van

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