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Subject: David Anderson re Anderson database
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 18:33:27 -0400

Dear David,

I was interested to hear of your database on the Anderson family locally. I
wonder if you have any information on the following:-

James Anderson(1775-183- probably the son of John ANDERSON and Marion
CRICHTON) married Mary Dear(1777-1834) on 7th June 1802 in Arbroath. They
had the following children-

Somerville ANDERSON 1803 Arbroath
John ANDERSON 1804 Arbroath(married Elizabeth CHALMERS 1st April 1826
Isabel ANDERSON 1806 Arbroath
William ANDERSON 1808 Arbroath
Cecilia Burges ANDERSON 1811 Dundee(apparently named after her
grandfather's second wife -John ANDERSON married Cecilia BURGES 1810
Arbroath. Cecilia Burges ANDERSON married Thomas LIDDLE of Edinburgh
Dear ANDERSON 1816 Arbroath

John ANDERSON(1804-1852) married Elizabeth CHALMERS(1795 - 1859) in 1826
Arbroath. They had the following children-

James ANDERSON and George Webster Wannan ANDERSON(twins) born 1826 St
Alexander ANDERSON 1828 St Vigeans
William ANDERSON 1829 St Vigeans
Isobel Dear ANDERSON 1831 St Vigeans
Catherine ANDERSON 1833 St Vigeans
John ANDERSON 1835 St Vigeans
Annabella ANDERSON 1837 St Vigeans
David Corsar ANDERSON 1839
Patrick Allan ANDERSON 1842 Arbroath
Margaret Ritchie ANDERSON 1844 Arbroath

The family moved to Dundee sometime after 1844.

James(born 1826) married Susan HUNTER in 1854 in Liff, Benvie and
Invergowrie. They had three known children - James born 1855, George
Webster Wannan born 1857 and Mary born 1858, all Dundee. This family
subsequently emigrated to Australia. Patrick Allan ANDERSON, born 1842 also
emigrated to Australia.

I would be most interested on any information you might have on other
members of this family. I have been helping an Australian descendent, Doug
ANDERSON of Victoria, who is compiling a family history . Doug will be
visiting Arbroath, Dundee etc. in the next few weeks and would be delighted
to receive any new information. A number of very interesting letters have
survived, written between family members in the period 1834 to 1849. They
contain the usual family news, but also paint a very graphic picture of
what life was like for the average manual labourer at that time in


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