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From: "Bob Duncan" <>
Subject: Carmyllie
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 07:57:23 +0100

Hi Everybody,

It isn't known as cauld Carmyllie for nothing. It is high and
exposed but with a wonderful view to the south and east, the sea
and the hills of Fife just showing in the distance. There was a
chapel in existence at Carmyllie dedicated to St. Mary, about
1510. The parish was disjoined from Panbride, St. Vigeans, and
Inverkeilor in 1609. The present church is 19th century, and is
as usual now, locked. There are many interesting stones, and
these are not badly affected by lichen except in a few cases.
Norma, I take it you know of the two Petries and a Thain.

I actually made two journeys to Carmyllie. The second was to add
some names I had just been asked about. These will appear in a
later report. The church is open, and I had a look around on the
second visit.

Sandstone, 6 feet tall. 1868/in memory/of/Alexander White/who
died 22nd October 1865/aged 64 years/And Ann Young his wife/died
19th September 1865/aged 65 years. The mason's name is J.

Sandstone, 6 feet tall. In memory/of/William Sturrock/joiner,
Greystone/who died 21st February 1878 aged 42 years/And his
wife/Ann Webster/who died 18th February 1901 aged 65 years/Also
their children/Robert/who died 29th March 1867 aged 2
years/Rose/who died 27th October 1869 aged 1 year/John/who died
21st October 1865 aged 1 year. The mason's mark is
Calder/Arbroath. (Greystone is a litle village about 1 1/2 miles
to the north west. It is also found spelled as Graystone.)

Sandstone, 5 feet tall. 1850/Erected by/Peter Brown/in memory of
his spouse/Jean Sturrock/who died 10th November 1849 aged 70
years/And their son/William/who died 10th May 1813/aged 8
months/And their grandchild/William Brown Fraser/who died 12th
March 1855 aged 2 years/and 6 months.

Sandstone, 5 feet tall. Erected/to/the memory of/Charles
Duncan/late miller, Milton/who died 2nd November 1861/aged 85
years/Also his wife/Isabella Gardyne/who died 4th January
1861/aged 77 years/Also their daughter/Mary/who died 12th March
1875/aged 70 years/Also/John Martin/their grandchild/who died
21st October 1851/aged 4 months. The mason's name is J.
Baxter/Brechin. (Milton of Carmyllie is less than 1/4 mile from
the church, to the south.)

Sandstone, 4 feet tall. Erected/by/David Taylor/and his
wife/Margaret Sturrock/in memory of their daughter/Ann/died 4th
April 1860/aged 2 years and 5 months.

Grey granite, 6 feet tall. Broken in half and repaired, so
presumably it had fallen. In loving memory of/John Fyffe
farmer/Milton of Carmyllie/who died 7th March 1904/And of his
wife/Margaret Fairlie/who died 18th December 1925/Annie K.
Fyffe/daughter of the above/died 20th June 1942.

Sandstone, 6 feet tall. This one is directly behind the above
stone. Erected/by/Margaret Millar/to the sacred memory/of/her
beloved and affectionate husband/James Fyfe, farmer Birns/who
departed this life 15th May 1867 aged 32 years/Of her
daughter/Wilhelmina Ruthven Bell Fyfe/who fell asleep in the
saviour 23rd January/1867 aged 4 years/And of her father-in-
law/John Fyfe, ex-farmer Birns/who died 29th January 1867 aged
72 years/All interred in this graveyard/The above Margaret
Millar/died at Fallaws, Arbirlot, 5th June 1905 aged 75
years/Robert Millar Fyfe/died at Birns, Carmyllie 27th September
1916/Annie Gibson Fyfe/died at Crudie Acres 19th October 1942/And
of their son George Fyfe/died on 5th January 1982 aged 75
years/Interred at St. Cyrus. (The farm, which is about 3 miles
to the west, sounded familiar and I checked my notes. I had
recorded a stone at St. Cyrus to Annie Gibson Fyfe. I really
enjoy making this kind of connection. The inscription on this
stone was made in three separate stages. Down to "interred in
this graveyard" is quite boldly carved in square capitals, the
next two lines are more lightly carved, and the remainder is
deeper, and with a slight tendency to lean to the left. Fallaws
is about 2 miles south east of Carmyllie, and Crudie Acres is on
the edge of Arbroath.)

Sandstone, 6 feet tall. Personally, I would move this stone to
a museum. On the front is : Here lies/the mortal part of James
Kydd/who died on the 31st January 1794 aged/72 years. With his
dust is also mingled that of his spouse Marion/Dall who died 13th
March 1767 in/the 39th of her age. Delighting/themselves all
their lifetime in honest/industry and domestic happiness on
the/Main of Carmylie. George Kydd/Re-erected/by Margt Dingwall
in memory of/George Kydd her husband who/died on 31st January
1820 aged 59 years/John and Margaret Kydd their children/who died
in infancy. On the back of the stone is carved a rope running
round the edge, but unfortunately some of it has broken away. It
is tied in a reef knot at the top, with intertwined initials JK
and MD. Underneath is a plough with a pair of yokes for oxen,
very well carved; a ploughshare and coulter; under these is 1810;
and under the date in a loop of the rope is We/plow in/hope.
Along the bottom is : The Lord gave and the Lord/hath taken away.
Blessed be/the Name of the Lord.

Red granite, 6 feet tall. In memory of/John Kydd/farmer
Newton/who died 26th March 1866/aged 72 years/and Helen Dick his
wife/who died 27th September 1860/aged 62 years/And James their
son/who died 18th December 1860/at Castlemain, Australia/aged 30
years/And their son William/who died 3rd May 1904/aged 66 years.
(Newton is about 1/2 mile to the north.)

Sandstone, 5 feet tall, right beside the above. 18 Erected 05/by
John Kydd/farmer/in Newtown of Carmylie/and his spouse Barbara
Kydd/lawful daughter to Jas. Kydd/late tenant of Carmylie/in
memory of his father/who died 6th July 1782 in the 63 year/of his
age./And his spouse/Agnes Morgan who died/1st July 1801 aged 88
years/Also our children David/and James who died in/infancy. On
the back of this stone there is an urn, coulter and ploughshare,
a yoke, and a plough below them. Under this is : Let marble
monuments record/Their fame who distant land explored/This humble
stone points out the place/Where sleeps a virtuous ancient
race/Their line possessd the neighbouring plain/Before Columbus
crossed the Main/And though the World may deem it strange/His son
contented seek no change/Convinced wherever Man may roam/He
travels only to the ... (This last word has been buried under
some cement which has been used to help prop up the stone. What
it left looks like T followed by three letters with rounded tops
such as o or e, and a vertical line which might be a d or a t.
These were my impressions at the time. I now think it most likely
to be the word Tomb. The word strange was badly planned. Stran
appears on the surface of the stone, g on the bevelled edge, and
e on the side.)

Sandstone, 6 feet tall, quite ornate on top with an urn.
1836/Sacred/to the memory of/Samuel Kydd/late farmer
Backboath/who died on the 31st July 1835/aged 64 years/And
Isabella Johnston/his spouse/who died on the 28th August
1847/aged 76 years/Also to/Alexander/their son/late farmer West
Balmirmer/who died on the 13th September 1863/aged 51 years. On
the back of the top section is a nice carving of a plough.
(Backboath is about 3 miles to the north. I visited this farm
once to take a look at an ecclesiastical mark on one of the
barns, from who knows where. It is a cross in a circle, about 4
inches high. There is a very similar one on the wall of St.
Vigeans church.)

Sandstone, 6 feet tall. Erected/by/William, David, and James
Brown/in memory of their father/David O. Brown/who died at
Friockheim/24th January 1883/aged 74 years/And their mother/Helen
Muggins/who died 2nd January 1889/aged 83 years/Also their
brother/Alexander/who departed this life 15th May 1877/aged 26
years/Father in Thy precious keeping/Leave we here They servant
sleeping. On the back is the IHS monogram/Sacred/to the memory
of/Margaret Reid/wife of William Brown/died 28th February
1909/aged 67 years/The above/William Brown/who died 3rd December
1917/aged 81 years/Well done, good and faithful servant/Also
their son/David/who died 21st February 1942 aged 73 years. The
mason's name is Fairweather/Dundee. (There were another two
Muggins stones, one of which was relevant to a member of the

Sandstone, 5 feet tall, immediately to the right of the above,
lightly carved. 1836/Erected/by David, John, and William/Brown
in memory of their father/William Brown, sometime tenant/at Linn,
parish of Arbirlot/who died March 3rd 1826 aged 36 years/And is
interred here. On the back of this stone are eight lines which
appear to be a poem, but the carving is so light and there is so
much lichen that it was not possible to make it out on either

Sandstone, 6 feet tall. Erected/to the memory of/John Cothill/son
to James Cothill, black/smith, tenant of Smallburn/and his spouse
Anne Bowman./He died 25th March 1822/aged VII years and is
interred/here by this of a fraternal/mark of affection and
respect/to our deceased brother/Erected by/James and William
Cothill/Jessie Walls/wife of the above William Cothill/died 26th
June 1831 aged 37 years/The said William Cothill/died at Pitmuies
Toll, Friockheim/on 29th July 1910 aged 91 years/And of Mary
Renny/his second wife/died 14th September 1919 aged 84 years. On
the back is : MDCCCXXXVIII/Weep not for me my parents dear,/My
end you know, my grave you see/I am not lost, but sleeping
here/So quick prepare to follow me/Infinite bless or endless woe
depends on every breath/And yet how unconcerned/we go/upon the
brink of death. (Smallburn is about 2 miles north west.)

Sandstone, 5 feet tall. 1860/Erected/by/Jean Martie/and her
family/in memory of her father/John Kydd/late tenant Carmyllie
Muir/who died 7th March 1860/aged 60 years/The above Jean
Martie/who died in 1868/Also of their son/George/who died 2nd
August 1881/and of his wife/Ann Patterson/who died 21st March
1913/aged 85 years/And of their son-in-law/Peter White/husband
of Isabella Kydd/who died 15th April 1916/aged 72 years/The above
Isabella Kydd/died at 74 Helen Street, Arbroath/on 7th December
1942 aged 87 years/David Kydd/died at Villabank/13th February
1926 aged 63 years/And his wife Jane Brown Logie/died at Arbroath
11th March 1959/aged 92 years. (All but a very little at one end
of Helen Street was demolished in the 1960s. "Wir Bookie" has
used the word "devastated" when referring to this period. One of
my favourite authors wrote, "The penalty is piecemeal slicing,
and in it are involved those of her direct line, in the humane
effort to eradicate so treacherous a strain." For a moment I
thought he was writing of town planners. Helen Street was mainly
three storey red sandstone terraced houses. Carmyllie Moor is
about 1 1/2 miles to the north. Villabank is 2 miles to the

Small marble slab, directly to the left of the above, almost
entirely illegible. It mentions Isabella Kydd who died at ?,

To the right is sandstone, 4 feet tall. 17 A above T or I Kydd
99/Erected/by/John Kyde in memory of his father/John Kyde
sometime in/dweller at the Muir of Carmyllie/who died 1785/aged
36 years/and left his wife Barbara Webster/and six children
procreated/between them viz. Alexander/John, Margaret, Frances,
David/(The rest of this inscription is buried. It is quite badly
affected by lichen and the surface is breaking away.) On the back
is an angel, a pair of scissors, and an iron, so presumably he
was a tailor. There is a poem at the bottom of the stone,
something about the Latter Day, but it was impossible to read in
that light.)

Sandstone, 6 feet tall, with a dove holding an olive branch in
its beak. Erected/by/James A. Fullarton/in loving memory of his
wife/Charlotte Porter/who died 4th December 1905/aged 41
years/The above/James A. Fullarton/died 3rd March 1920/aged 55

Grey granite, 5 feet tall. In/memoriam/John Kinnear/born at Auld
Montrose 2nd February 1812/died at Bonnychier, Carmyllie 11th
July 1869/Margaret Wilson/his wife/born at Forfar 5th July
1812/died at Arbroath 29th May 1883.

Sandstone, 6 feet tall. Erected/by/David Boyle and his
wife/Elizabeth Sturrock/residing at Graystone/in memory of their
son/David/who died 22nd November 1854/aged 16 years/Annie died
8th August 1867/aged 23 years/The above Elizabeth Sturrock/died
3rd May 1885 aged 79 years/Her husband David Boyle/died 27th
November 1882 aged 89 years/And of his son/ James/beloved husband
of/Barbara Airth/who died 3th November 1907 aged 68 years/And of
their daughter/Helen Boyle/who died 23rd January 1914 aged 72
years/The above/Barbara Airth/who died 27th March 1929 aged 89
years/Also Helen Boyle/daughter of James Boyle and Barbara
Airth/and wife of James Kydd/who died 4th November 1933 aged 52
years. On the base is : Also the said James Kydd/who died 19th
May 1935 aged 74 years. The mason's name is J. Fullarton.

The stone to the right of it is 6 feet tall.
1862/Erected/by/Alexander Fullerton/and his spouse Janet
Maxwell/in memory of their children/Jean died 4th June 1836 aged
2 years/Margaret died 22nd March 1851 aged 15/Elizabeth died 27th
April 1852 aged 6/James died 15th July 1857 aged 14/Helen
Pillans/their niece died 22nd January 1858 aged 6/John died 28th
November 1868 aged 28/Betsy Sturrock, wife of the above/died 10th
December 1906 aged 64 years. The mason's name is J. Fullerton
Car. (The spellings for both these stones are definitely correct.
Car. is presumably Carmyllie.)

Sandstone obelisk, 6 feet tall, with a laurel wreath at the top.
Erected/by/William Wilkie/sometime resident/in this parish/in
memory of his mother/Elizabeth Fyffe/who died 5th November
1856/aged 84 years/Also his daughter/Georginna (as spelled)
Jane/who died 1st July 1857/aged 15 years. On the base is : The
said/William Wilkie/died 23 October 1862 aged 68 years/Marjory
Cuthbert/his wife/who died 7th December 1883 aged 84 years.

Sandstone, 5 feet tall. Erected/by/Ann White/in memory of her
husband/John Raitt/farmer, Cononsyth/who died 4th January 1864
aged 64 years/The above/Ann White/died 25th October 1877 aged 76
years. (Cononsyth is about 3 miles north east. There are several
Conon names in the area.)

Sandstone, 6 feet tall, with a dove holding an olive branch. In
the midst of life we are in death/1894/Erected by/Alexander
Hay/and his wife/Margaret Crabb/in memory of their
daughter/Elisabeth/who died 31st December 1893/aged 20 years/Also
of their daughter/Jane/who died 11th April 1903 aged 41
years/Also their daughter/Agnes/who died at Newton of
Kirkbuddo/9th March 1914 aged 32 years/The above/Alexander Hay,
farmer/died at Newton of Kirkbuddo/11th October 1919 aged 76
years/Also his wife/Margaret Crabb/who died at Myreton
Cottage/Morroes, 1st November 1917 aged 75/Also their daughter
Catherine/wife of John Henderson/who died Millgate Loan,
Arbroath/28th October 1909 aged 41. On the base is : Blessed are
the dead/which die in the Lord. (Newton of Kirkbuddo is about 3
miles to the west. There was a Roman camp not far away. Little
is visible on the surface, only a few traces of ditches and earth
walls. It has never been excavated and not much would be expected
from a marching camp anyway. The road runs through one corner.
I can't find a Morroes. Could it have been Murroes ?)

Sandstone, 5 feet tall with a flower at the top, perhaps Lily of
the Valley ? Sacred/to/the memory of/John Martin/Hayhillock/who
died 20th February 1886/in his 99th year/And his wife/Elizabeth
Ogg/who died 10th January 1873/aged 81 years/Also of their
daughter/Christian/who died 11th November 1905/aged 88 years.
(Hayhillock is 2 miles to the west.)
Sandstone obelisk, 9 feet tall, very nicely carved and in good
condition, with an urn on the top. In loving memory of/William
Ramsay/farmer, the Goats, Carmylie/who died 19th January
1881/aged 82 years/Also of his wife/Margaret Barrie/who died 19th
March 1892/aged 82 years/Their eldest son/David Ramsay/who died
at Tillyhiot on the 19th March 1919/aged 85 years/Also his
wife/Margaret Muggins/who died at Tillyhiot on the 29th February
1928/aged 82 years. On the left hand face is : And/in memory
of/his daughter/Mary Ramsay/who died 29th August 1854 aged 5
years/Elzabeth Ramsay/who died at Brechin 9th March 1860/aged 27
years/And of his grandchild/Maggie Hutton/who died at the
Goats/13th June 1870/aged 12 years. On the right hand face is :
In loving memory of/David/son of/David Ramsay/farmer/and Mart.
Muggins his wife/who died at the Goats/19th January 1893/aged 4
1/2 years. The mason's name is Thos. Butchart/Lochee. (Goats is
about a mile to the south east. Tillyhiot is a mile to the north

John Sim died in Dunedin, New Zealand, 10th January 1887 aged 20

Grey granite, 3 feet tall on a 1 foot base. In loving memory
of/William Sturrock/who died 21st February 1917/aged 28
years/beloved husband of/Annie K. Soutar/Also the above/Annie K.
Soutar/died 9th February 1980/aged 90 years.

Sandstone, 6 feet tall. Erected by/Alexander Kydd/and Isabella
McKay his wife/in loving memory of their son/David Kydd/who died
at Gagie, Murroes/23rd April 1910 aged 15 years/And/Francis John
Kydd/who died at Slade, Carmyllie/24th June 1920 aged 12
years/The above/Alexander Kydd/died 13th August 1950 aged 79
years/Also the above/Isabella McKay/who died 26th December
1952/aged 84 years. The mason's name is Sutherland. (Murroes is
about 8 miles to the south east, just north of Broughty Ferry.
My map shows Gagie House, and East and West Mains of Gagie.)

Grey granite, 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Script E/Erected
by/Mary Whyte/in loving memory of her husband/David Edgar/who
died 13th April 1938 aged 67 years/The above/Mary Whyte/died 13th
February 1950 aged 82 years.

Black granite, 5 feet tall on a 1 foot base. Script S/Erected
by/John Gordon Sturrock/The Hillock/in loving memory of his
wife/Helen Gordon Scott/who died 1st March 1936/aged 54
years/Also the above/John Gordon Sturrock/who died at
Hayhillock/7th March 1940 aged 64 years/Also In memory of/Annie
Forrest Fell/beloved wife of Gordon Sturrock, Hayhillock/who died
25th January 1955/And the above/Gordon Sturrock/who died 23rd
June 1961 aged 58 years. (Hayhillock is 2 miles to the west.)

Immediately to the left is a red granite stone, 4 feet tall.
Capital S carved over some stalks of wheat and a field mouse. A
charming ornament. Treasured/memories of/John T. S. Sturrock/who
died 18th March 1999/aged 75 years/A dear Dad and Grandpa/beloved
husband of/Ina Mary.

Grey granite, 5 feet tall. Erected by/Helen Cant/in loving memory
of her husband/James Sturrock/Greystone/who died 1st September
1930/aged 63 years/Also the above/Helen Cant/who died 11th
January 1955/aged 84 years.

Black granite, 4 feet tall. In/loving memory/of/James
Anderson/died 1919/and his wife/Margaret S. Fairweather/died
1942/Their daughter/Mary/died 1945/Janet/died 1976/Also their
grandson/David Duncan/died 1913/RIP.

Sandstone, 3 feet tall, with a black marble face. Erected by/John
McKay/in memory of his dear wife/Joan Fullerton/died 4th March
1963 aged 68/Also their daughter/Joanna/died 23rd June 1934 aged
5/And the above/John/died 3rd September 1968 aged 78.

Black granite, 3 feet tall, with a rose with a broken stem in the
top left corner. This appears to be a standard design which I
have seen elsewhere, and was perhaps chosen because of the
deceased's name. In/loving memory/of/May Rose Ritchie/died 3rd
April 1991 aged 87.

Grey granite, 3 feet tall, with a wheatsheaf and a cross in the
top left corner. In loving memory/of/Elizabeth Sturrock/1911 to

Grey granite, 5 feet tall. Erected by Lily Hogg/in memory of her
beloved husband/William Boath/who died at the Whin,
Carmyllie/22nd January 1942 aged 67 years/Also the above Lily
Hogg/who died 11th May 1950.

Grey granite, 3 feet tall. In memory of/Susan McLeod/died 30th
May 1939/beloved wife of/David Fyfe/died 31st March 1954/Also
their dear son/David Stewart Fyfe/died 12th November 1980/All
late of Summerhill Cottage. (Summerhill farm is about 3 miles to
the north.)

Composition with black marble inlay, 3 feet tall. Erected
by/Andrew Duncan/in memory of/his beloved wife/Margaret
Suttie/who died 2nd February 1947/aged 80 years/The above/Andrew
Duncan/died 25th September 1954/aged 86 years.

Grey granite, 3 feet tall. In loving memory of/my dear
husband/Rev. James D. Thomson/minister of this parish/1948 -
1967/died 25th June 1967 aged 65 years/Isabella H. S. Steel/died
2nd May 1996 aged 83.

Sandstone, 3 feet tall, 1 foot base. H/In loving memory of/Mary
Bowman/beloved wife of/Alexander Hunter/died 12th October
1945/aged 61 years/Alexander Hunter/died 6th October 1953/aged
74 years/Also Robert their son/died 5th November 1961 aged 36

Grey granite with a black granite inlay, 3 feet tall. In memory
of/James Prescott/gardener, Arbroath/died 27th July 1945/Also his
wife/Janet Brown/died 25th October 1950.

Grey granite, 5 feet tall. F/In memory of/George K. S.
Fullerton/beloved husband of/Jessie Cruikshanks/who died 18th May
1859/aged 56 years/of Forehills, Carmyllie/Also the above/Jessie
Cruickshanks/who died 31st May 1966/aged 52 years.
Grey granite, 4 feet tall on a 1 foot base. S/Erected by/Margaret
Stephen/in loving memory of her husband/David P. M.
Sturrock/Skichen Muir died 15th January 1960 aged 49/Also their
daughter/Jean Sturrock/died 4th December 1980. (Skichen is about
3 miles to the west.)


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