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Subject: Re: Broderbund CDs and ...
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999 14:40:14 EST

In a message dated 4/3/99 1:42:03 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< Since I haven't had time to look for all the names I'm researching on the
CDs I *already* own, why should I take time to look for names on a CD when I
have no idea whether there is any possibility of finding ancestors on it or
not. I'd like to spend my precious time working on research where there is
at least some chance of a reward. >>

You might want to check out this URL of theirs:

It allows you to search all their CDs for a given name before you buy it. It
also offers several other opportunities for search, like their Genealogy
Library.com as well as a number of Internet sites. Of course, there is a
cost to many of the databases in the GenealogyLibrary.com if you find
something you want to look at, but an annual subscription might be a
worthwhile business deduction -- I've found mine useful.

--Jan DeLucien

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