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From: "Brenda Dougall Merriman, CGRS, CGL" <>
Subject: Databases, CD-ROMs
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 20:29:11 -0400

If the rumour is true -- which I have just heard recently -- that
(some?) CD-ROM publishers are paying people to buy their "databases",
then what do we (enlightened) expect in the way of quality? Apparently
some people are racing through census returns or other material to
create indexes that will earn them a few dollars. Then what do they earn
from submitting a large family history database? Or care about sensitive
material within?

If this is true, it's appalling. Please expound, if anyone knows. Or
maybe I'm just a step behind in the mercenary game. As professionals, we
see the impact of erroneous or uncited information on the clients who
approach us, and we get the flack from living family members who might
have been "exposed". Lately I find myself spending time educating
clients or potential clients about the misinterpreted sources, or lack
of sources, on their wonderful CD-ROM discoveries.

The advertised Canadian Genealogical Index is not without flaws. Two of
my clients with ancestry in widely separated parts of Ontario were
excited to find the references they wanted. In both cases, the
references were to the same local history book in a third, unrelated
locale. One client has deluged the company with letters and complaints
but so far, no results.

Thanks for listening ...

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