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From: "mavrogeorge" <>
Subject: FW: {not a subscriber} Scheduling clients
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 08:59:41 -0700

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Subject: {not a subscriber} Scheduling clients

I am looking for advice on the best method to schedule my clients.
Currently I try and schedule them for the approximate amount of time I
believe their project will take, adding some additional time for "spill
over". However, since I can't read my client's mind, nor do I know the
results of each search ahead of time, I cannot predict whether the client
will wish to continue with the project after the first phase is finished.
Because of my client load, I regularly schedule new clients/projects six
to eight weeks into the future. I hesitate to make a current client wait
that long to continue work on a project, so I often end up trying to
squeeze them in (and disappoint others by finishing their projects later
than promised). Is there a better way of doing this? How do you all go
about this...or do you schedule at all??



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