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From: "Peter M. & Andrea D. MacDonald" <>
Subject: Re: Female citizenship question
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 09:39:45 -0700

> A child born abroad of parents who are American citizens is an American
> citizen. Odds are, you will also find a report of her birth in NARA's
> Foreign Service records (RG 84) records. You may want to check your copy
> _Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives_, section 19.3,
> more detail.

I am not arguing the point that a child born abroad of American citizens is
an American citizen, however, there are exceptions. My husband is a
perfect case in point. He was born in Canada in 1948. His mother and
father were American citizens and the nearest hospital was across the
border in Canada. Mother and Father and all involved assumed he was an
American citizen BUT when he tried to join the military in 1973, he found
out he was indeed a Canadian Citizen (because he had dual citizenship and
had not made a "claim" as to which country he wished to be a citizen of --
it defaulted to Canada). He had to be naturalized in order to become a US
military member. His mother had to fly to Syracuse and swear in court that
he was her child and born to her, an American Citizen, before the court
would approve his naturalization.

It is our understanding that a child born to American citiizens in a
foreign country is indeed a dual citizen of both countries who at the age
of (18? 21?) must choose which country he/she wishes to be a citizen of.
There are various rules that apply to every case.

Here's another one that confuses people -- A child born to British parents
while on a boat to America, in British or open waters is British, while a
child born to British parents on a British boat within American waters, may
<MAY> be an American citizen and the entire family is then allowed to stay
in America. This happens all the time on land when Mexican illegal aliens
give birth in America to a child and are then allowed to stay in America
and receive government help (i.e., food stamps, welfare).
Andrea D. MacDonald "Andi"

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