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Subject: Re: [APG] Linking
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 19:27:26 EST

In a message dated 12/11/1999 4:57:49 PM Central Standard Time,

> A federal judge in Utah issued a ruling this week that could fundamentally
> alter the Internet as we know it. If the decision is upheld, merely linking
> to copyrighted pages via the World Wide Web could become illegal. Web
> Search Guide Chris Sherman has the disturbing details.
> http://websearch.about.com/library/weekly/aa121099.htm

ACTUALLY what is being talked about here, is exactly what we have discussed
in the past few weeks about "illegally" taking copyrighted text and uploading
it to the Internet. It was the type of books you and/or I may publish that
deal with original material that is not public doman such as marriages,
probate files, etc., but similar to Elizabeth's "Evidence..." book.

The Turners uploaded copyrighted material, was sued, and the LDS Church won
their case. Then the Turners thought that to get round this, someone else
could put up the copyrighted data and they could just link to it and that the
Church could not sue everyone.

The newspaper article goes on to state this fact, which is not exactly what
was implied in the first post. You have to read the article to understand
what is going on.

Personally, I'm glad they won their case... which backs up us--as authors--
when we publish our books. Otherwise, if the Turners had won, then none of
us would have been safe from those people like the Turners who would put our
copyrighted material on the internet within days....hours of the material
being released in book form.

Mmmm I wonder how Elizabeth would like everyone to have FREE access to her
book she worked so hard to prepare, or the Evertons to have only one person
subscribe to the Helper and then paste it online as soon as they receive


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