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From: Sandy Clunies <>
Subject: [APG] Census lottery winner!
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 07:33:54 -0500

Only fellow genealogists will share my excitement yesterday to find hanging
on my door knob, in a plastic bag, the LONG FORM of the 2000 Census!

I was in the "random pool", I guess, this time! For this event only, I
regret that at the moment I am a household of one (as the cat doesn't get
counted!) - so the bulk of the 40-page reporting booklet will return empty

53 questions per person, of which not all apply to any one individual
(several which state "if yes, skip to No. #" etc.)

So date of birth is included (but you can get THAT these days on
www.anybirthday.com), and state/country of birth, race, marital status,
citizenship status, education, military history, where resided 5 years ago,
presence of chronic debilitating health conditions, employment status,
employer, employer address, job title, income, domicile description (rather
elaborate list for this, I think - "do you have COMPLETE plumbing
facilities?", "do you have COMPLETE kitchen facilities?" "is there
telephone service?"), size of mortgage and tax and utility payments. But
nothing on one's parents or indication I have any other living close
relatives <g>.

Just boxes to check - so if they are tabulated and computerized correctly,
I have no problem with plans to destroy the 53 pages of form. I thought I
might photocopy it myself before returning on April 1, just for my OWN
records to leave behind <g>....

Most who receive the long form will probably groan - not a genealogist!
And as several of my family members here in Maryland were totally missed in
the 1990 census, at least I will be counted!


Sandra MacLean Clunies, CG

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