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From: Sharon D Carmack <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Ellis Esland data on website
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 15:51:49 -0600


I attended the grand opening of the American Immigration Family History
Center on EI last week. I've been serving on their History Advisory
Committee for the past two years.

> Anyone know of a particular reason (other than data entry error)
> names on the microfilm I checked opn the FHC microfilm of passenger
lists would
> not be in the database from Ellis Island? The site doesn't give any

From what I've seen and understand, it's purely transcription errors.
Brian Anderson found Lee Iococca's family under Jococca. When another
colleague tried a name she knew was on a passenger list (we had a
photocopy of the list page), she didn't get any hits. I interpreted the
handwriting and spelling of the name differently and got the right hit.
Like any database or index, it's only as good as the transcriber's eye,
and as we all know, you need to be creative when searching databases and
indexes. This one is no better or worse than any other.

Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CG
Editor, Betterway Genealogy Books
Contract Advisor, National Writers Union

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