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From: Edward Steele <>
Subject: [APG] re: Family Tree Maker Problem
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 11:26:12 -0600

Juvanne Clezie asked in her post, "Also, what genealogy software would
you recommend?" This sort of thing always opens Pandora's box, with
everyone having their personal likes and dislikes. So here's my entry.

Family Origins. I have used this product since version 3 (the current
release is version 10) and recommend it highly. It does a really
wonderful thing in that it combines full genealogical functionality with
extreme ease of use. It is, in my view, absolutely intuitive, offers
both pedigree (5 generations) and family group (3 generations) on-screen
views, makes data entry a snap, includes dozens of fact types (and let's
you create your own), provides for complete documentation of sources and
notes for families, individual persons, and individual facts, and
produces clean, crisp, readable output. All this at a low cost
($29.95). Nice!

I just wish Family Origins did better marketing so more people would
learn about the product. Fortunately, GEDCOM makes it easy to switch.

Ted Steele
St. Louis, Mo.

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