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From: Gary Mokotoff <>
Subject: [APG] Some additional comments about the Ellis Island Problem
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 12:42:45 -0400

Rebecca Spector asked how did Steve Morse get the data for his site. The
answer is that Steve Morse has no data. All he provides is a more
efficient link to the Ellis Island database site. The regular Ellis
Island site allows you to narrow your search in about ten different
ways. Unfortunately you must make these requests one at a time. The
Morse site allows you to state the different criteria in one step.

"Deep linking" is just Internet jargon for linking to a web site page
other than the Home Page. Since the Home Page is the place where
commercial sites try to sell you their wares, or non-profits try to
encourage you to donate to their organization, they may object to
another Web site deep linking, that is linking to their site other than
the Home Page because it circumvents the sales pitch that exists on the
Home Page.

Sharon Sergeant noted than the Morse method may drain the computer's
resources by giving it a more complex task than the one-at-a-time
approach used by the main site. I have had conversations with some of
the Ellis Island people and that is one of their complaints. My response
was "too bad, solve the problem." :) I also pointed out that their
approach of searching one step at a time meant that to locate a person
who you know is named John Smith, male, married, arrived between
1900-1905 and was between 16-25 , requires five independent requests of
their computer resources which is probably more taxing than the single
request from the Morse site that bundles all the criteria together.

Gary Mokotoff

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