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Subject: [APG] Permissions
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 08:37:23 EDT

Normally, my paid research is done within my geographic area where I'm
quite aware of rules, regulations, fees, etc. However, I'm now engaged in
research for a client who wants me to range farther afield in search of his
One of the states where I'm researching is Alabama, which has
restrictions on the availability of vital records. The downloadable form for
birth, death, marriage, or divorce records contains this statement: "You must
be an immediate family member OR demonstrate a legal right to the record in
order to obtain a copy of the record. Anyone falsely applying for a record
is subject to a penalty upon conviction of up to three months in the county
jail or a fine of up to $500."
One way to handle such problems, of course, is to have the client fill
out all such forms, pay the fee, and wait for the response -- a method that
seems less than desirable. Another way would be to have the client provide a
blanket permission for to accompany the application. Does anyone have any
experience with this problem and, if so, any suggestions as to the best way
to solve it. Thanks.
Bob Keener

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