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Subject: Re: [APG] Genealogy programs
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 05:19:45 EST

I use two software. I use PAF for clients as it is easy and if they want the
information I can send it to them with the program or tell them to download
from the website and it is free.

I use TMG for my own data and if I every have a major project. I did not
find it that hard to learn and it has unlimited (or very large) fields for
such things as names, and places. With PAR and others I have to abbreviate
Od Mrlbro CH Bur G but TMG letts me spell out Old Marlboro Church Burial
Ground. His sources is supposedly set up based on Ms Mills (one choice) but
I always check out when printing it out.

I don't like FTM for the same reason I don't like MS. They try to make you
buy their program to use unrelated genealogy items. When they first came out
with CD, instead of putting a freader program on the disc they required you
to buy FTM. Finally they send out a sample version of the program but it
takes a lot of room. They are the same way with their website, to get an
annual subscription you have to buy FTM as part of the deal whether you want
it or not. Also if you already own it you have to buy it again. I don't like
that kind of marketing.

Julia Coldren-Walker

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