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From: "Sherril Erfurth" <>
Subject: [APG] My Business Name and The Ethics of Another
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 16:48:47 -0700

Usually I am a quiet lurker on this list, but on the advice of a colleague, I am sharing this issue with all of you:

Since 1994 I have been using the business name of Family Footprints. It is my registered trade name in Colorado and has the domain name of www.familyfootprints.com (plural). Upon receiving the enclosed email, I went to her site (www.familyfootprint.com -- singular) to find the new business named Family Footprints.

-- "Oddjob1444" wrote:
> Hi Sherril,
> My name is Judy Moses and I have a startup business doing
> genealogy research that sounds very much like yours. Your
> website looks great and I am impressed with all you can do. I
> have purchased the rights to "familyfootprint.com" so will be
> willing to trade information if the incorrect site is chosen
> if you agree.
> I plan to focus in the Southeastern US as that is where I am
> located (North Carolina) and most familiar. Are there any
> suggestions and hints you would be willing to provide from
> your experiences?
> At this time, I will be working only part time as I already
> have more than a full time job in the financial industry. I
> have been doing research about 3 years and still have so much
> to learn.
> Look forward to hearing from you.
> Judy

It may be too late to legally protect my business name but perhaps others on the list can protect theirs.

Sherril Erfurth
Family Footprints
Evergreen, Colorado

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