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Subject: Re: [APG] On-Line "Original" resources
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 07:17:58 EDT


I completely agree about compiled genealogy. I accept nothing from them if I
have not looks up a majority of the references. However Ray was talking
about on line original documents vs the original microfilm or paper records.
Implying that the on line documents could not be used because the may have been
manipulated and he wants to see every stray mark on the pape even if it was the
result of a scratch on the microfilm master

I think too much emphasis is using ONLY the most original record. I do not
mean we should use transcripts and genealogies, but that copies produced by
reputable companies should be acceptable. I know I don't have the time or money
to go to every county seat to look at the clerk copy of the original when they
have been microfilmed by the FHC or are available as scanned images on NEHGS

As you say even the great and famous make mistakes. Was the mistake due to
him reading a poor copy rather than looking at the original or was it faulty
logic. Since he is publishing a correction I will assume he agreed with your
logic, but could it be that you might be wrong. Since I don't know the details,
and all the records, I can't even make a guess.


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