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Subject: [APG] Re: Shirttail relations
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 05:34:37 EDT

I had one relative try to tell me once that a shirttail relative was one who
didn't share closer than a greatgrandfather with you. But she was from the
rich side of the family and didn't want it to be known she was kin to farmers<G>
> . "Shirttail Relations." My understanding of this term is that those who
> are your "shirttail relatives" (I think we actually used the term "shirttail
> relations") were not really relatives at all - but relatives of relatives.
> When I was a youngster at family gatherings on my uncle's farm (my Dad's
> brother), Ted, a boy just a bit older than I was often there. My cousins -
> sons of my uncle - said Ted was their cousin, just as I was their cousin.
> When I asked my mother what relation Ted was to me, she said he was a
> "shirttail relation." Ted, of course, was a cousin on my aunt's side of the
> family and thus not my relative - even though he was a cousin to my cousins.

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