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From: Ray Beere Johnson II <>
Subject: [APG] Genealogy and Marriage
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 16:51:07 -0700 (PDT)

My son's wedding went very well; thanks to
all of you who wished us well in advance. It did
give me a few tidbits to think over,
genealogically speaking.
First of all, Elisabeth, his new bride, had
to sign a contract a few weeks before the
wedding, and, rather than have to change her name
later, she signed as "Mrs. Michael Johnson" - she
was thrilled as this was the first time she got
to do it. It got me thinking; I don't know how
common this type of practice was, but if a woman
signs in this manner, perhaps we cannot regard
that as proof she was married at the time, but
only that she intended to marry. Just to
complicate matters...
Another point; Elisabeth's father, an
ordained minister, performed the wedding "by the
power vested in me by the State of Illinois" even
though he lives in Texas, and did not get any
special permission from the state of Illinois. I
asked about this; he said they checked and it was
not necessary. It interested me because of a
record I located for a client; a marriage in 1950
in Massachusetts; the bride's brother, a priest,
married them. He was a chaplian in the Air Force,
stationed in Texas, and the marriage record
noted, along with his name and address,
"permission from gov.". So in some states such
permission is necessary, and in some it is not.
And probably this varies by year as well,
depending on when various laws were passed. Not
usually of much significance, but I mention it as
a point I had never before given much though to,
which in some case or other might prove to be
highly significant.

P.S. If you hear any warnings about the new
"screen saver" virus, believe them! I am getting
e-mails about once every ten minutes, with *.pif
files attached. Some of them mention a screen
saver; they are all between about 97K and 102K in
size. The first one generated a warning from
Norton Anti Virus, naming the virus it was
infected with; I have trashed all the others as
quickly as they arrive. I also found, when I
first logged on, an auto reply from someone I
don't know, so am not sure if the virus is using
my e-mail address, which it obviously "has", as a
blind to send out more copies of itself.
It seems to be a pretty active, nasty one. I
heard it can wipe out everything. Don't care to
find out the hard way. Just a warning.

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