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From: "Mills" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Genealogy and Marriage
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 16:01:17 -0500
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Karen wrote>
I'm also receiving e-mails about every ten minutes (starting early this
morning) that have an attached file. They originate at MAILER-DAEMON or
and all say "undeliverable" or "delivery status notification
(failure)" or "returned mail - user unknown." I'm also receiving hundreds of
e-mails from unknown people regarding "My details" or "your order" or "thank
you" or "that movie." In addition to all this, I've received about 20
e-mails warning me of viruses or saying "Virus detected" or "virus in your
e-mail." <snip> I'm obviously not opening the attachments, but I'm curious
at what is happening!

Karen, it's the SoBig virus. When I got my computer back a couple of hours
ago, and opened up the e-mail that had built up over the past couple of
days, I got an alert that PC-cillin had detected the virus in one of the
e-mails and had just deleted it. Even so, there were several messages of the
type you mention that entered in the short-time window that it took
PC-cillin to zap it!

I'm pasting in below a couple of paragraphs about the problem from a news
story at the www.msnbc.com home page.

"Sobig does not physically damage computers, files or critical data, but it
ties up computer and networking resources. One in 17 e-mails sent around the
world since Monday had been affected by Sobig, Wood said, with some fearing
the virus could increase global e-mail traffic by as much as 60 percent,
slowing the Internet to a crawl.

One reason for the volume of e-mails generated is that the e-mail
messages by which the virus spreads are forged to appear to come from
genuine Internet users. Many anti-virus systems respond by sending an
automatic alert back to the Internet user, telling them they are infected.
Users whose e-mail addresses have been thus forged can then receive hundreds
of these virus alerts, adding to Internet traffic jams."


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