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From: Chuck Knuthson <>
Subject: Re: [APG] NGS conf. in Sacramento
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 21:56:52 -0800
References: <PIENJLNIAPEHPPNHEOGEEEBIEDAA.eileenpolakoff@worldnet.att.net>

Eileen and all,

1. The NGS registration programs (the snail mail version) is way late
but it is in the mail and should be arriving this week. I think they
mail to all who registered last year . . . or have requested a copy. If
not, request one from NGS. I'm with you . . . I like the paper version,
too. Online it is at: <http://www.eshow2000.com/ngs/conf_program.cfm>;

2. The "early bird" deadline has been extended to April 2nd.

3. I don't recall a new Newsmagazine since the one just before the
Holidays . . . Christmas (I think). Some of the registration
information in that old magazine has been changed (in addition to the
extension of the "early bird" date) so don't rely on it.

Hope this helps.

Chuck Knuthson

Eileen Polakoff wrote:

>Hi Everyone. I have a few questions about NGS and I'm not sure what email
>address to write to there to get answers to anything. People I used to know
>there are no longer available apparently.
>(1) Does anyone know if a paper program is being mailed to NGS members and
>others? I understand it is on the web but personally I like paper so I can
>plan my schedule.
>(2) Does anyone have confirmation of the extended deadline for early
>registration? I heard it was now in April but don't want to get charged
>extra if I wait until the later date.
>(3) Which NGS Newsmagazine was the last one published and in our hands? If
>you have just received one in the last week or two I would be interested in
>knowing if it is Jan/Feb 2004. Or did we get that one weeks ago? Because I
>can't stand to look at the new layout I may have tossed it after glancing at
>the couple of items of interest.
>Eileen Polakoff
>Professional Genealogist
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