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From: "Sheila Benedict, CGRS" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] NGS conf. follow-up
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 13:53:00 -0800
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I do understand there have been changes that caused confusion. It is not
easy to take a project half completed and revamp things without that
happening. Once our committee took over the conference we saw several items
that needed changing - one of which was the pricing schedules for attendees
and for vendors. However, the four-page brochure had already been mailed so
not surprising, some problems occurred. But please tell anyone that is
interested, the prices posted on eShow and listed in the registration
brochure [you and all the others will soon receive] are the ones to be used.
Any further confusion, please contact me directly.

I would like to add a very big thank you to the many many members and
colleagues in the genealogical community for their messages and phone calls
of support and encouragement these past several months.

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Subject: [APG] NGS conf. follow-up

> Cyndi and Sheila and others,
> Sorry my message was confusing, it was not my intention. The only brochure
> or other "official" announcement (NGS Newsmagazine or correspondence from
> NGS -- not electronic announcements) received to date states that the Full
> Registration Price for NGS members who register by the early registration
> date of March 15, 2004 is $215 and for non-NGS members (early) is $250. It
> also states that each registration includes a banquet ticket and implies
> this is a bundled registration without a choice on the banquet. My
> about the "strange arrangements" which Sheila commented on, was that if
> everyone was given a banquet ticket automatically as a full registrant but
> large percentage of the registrants did not desire to attend a banquet it
> would be difficult to know how many meals to plan for and that NGS would
> up paying for a lot of wasted meals.
> The NEW registration details which allow registering with or without a
> banquet will now make the event organized under the usual methods for food
> events. I do not know when the registration information on the website was
> changed but the last time I looked the prices were the same as the 4-page
> glossy brochuer. When I looked last night I found notices everywhere
> the prices had changed due to conference program changes. These were new
> since my last visit to the NGS conference site about 3-4 weeks ago.
> I'm glad the conference committee has clarified this issue and given
> an option. I did not like the idea of paying for a meal I was not going to
> be able to eat... for all sorts of reasons. It is also part of the reason
> had not yet registered. I was trying to figure out if it made more sense
> do a Single Day registration for the two days I would be available to
> lectures. With incomplete information it just did not make sense to
> when the penalty (service fee) for changing my mind would have been $45.
> I'm looking forward to seeing the 20-page program brochure so I can work
> my schedule and register by the new early registration deadline of April
> 2nd. I hope to see everyone in Sacramento.
> Eileen
> from Cyndi Howells:
> [snip]
> I'm quite confused by your message above. No one is being forced
> > to pay for a banquet. There are two sets of prices, one includes banquet
> and one
> > doesn't. Look online at:

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