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From: Cindy Amrhein <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Text Scanning OCR'ing was Use Caution Before Counting on Technology
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 18:09:27 -0800 (PST)
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Thank you Ray for all the great advice. I'll leave the
black disks for the kids, and get the other ones. ;-)
I am familiar with archival Microfilming. You will be
happy to know I encourged my town, and wrote the
grants(through the NYS Archives) for microfilming of
the town minutes from 1826 forward as well as
microfilming our vital records books. The grants also
covered archival cleaning, repair and preservation of
the books, which are now kept in our climate controled
records room. That is a great idea to print out the
copies and have them microfilmed! I will check into

--- Ray Beere Johnson II <> wrote:
> Cindy;
> I hate to give you bad news, but the brand
> you mention, Maxell Data Black CD-R, is not a
> good choice for discs you want to last very long.
> More on that below.
> First, different brands of CD-R will work
> differently in different drives. The first and
> most important factor in selecting a brand to use
> is to make sure that it performs well in the
> drive you will be using, AND that the results can
> be read by other drives without difficulties.
> Then, there is the fact that different
> brands are more or less vulnerable to hazards.
> One brand apparently would literally physically
> disintegrate if exposed to water. Most brands
> will dry out and recover well enough that the
> data can at least be recopied to another disc.
> So, once you have a brand you know will work in
> your drive, and others, you need to try out a few
> discs, to see how easily the foil side scratches,
> how readily damaged by water they are, etc.
> Needless to say, these test discs should then be
> discarded.
> I have not done much testing for water
> damage, but do have a bunch of old discs I am
> recopying, and I used these to test for
> resistance to scratching. I hate to have to tell
> you that Maxell Black CDs are fairly easily
> scratched compared to many other brands. So just
> a bit of rough handling could render your discs
> useless.
> If you find that they will work in your
> drive, Maxell CD-R-Pro, which states on the
> package it is suitable for "masters", is the only
> readily available (at least in E. Mass.) which
> incorporates extra protective layers to limit
> damage. This is not to say that you can ignore
> the various hazards, but at least the odds are
> better that the disc might survive. Yes, these
> discs cost more, but the extra price is worth it,
> in my humble opinion. In my area, I have found
> that one Wal-Mart does not carry CD-R_Pros at
> all; another does, in packs of ten with jewel
> cases - the price per disc is LOWER than at
> Staples for a spindle pack of twenty-five. So if
> cost is a concern you may want to shop around.
> Finally, as it sounds as though this source
> really deserves preservation, you may want to
> consider printing the photos you took, then
> having the prints microfilmed as an alternate
> method of perserving the record. Search on the
> phrase "preservation microfilming". I know that
> is a bit of an expense, especially for silver
> halide film, which would be the way to go for
> archival life, but may be justified since CDs
> cannot be relied on to survive. Again, shop
> around for the best price. You could still burn
> the CDs for ease of user access, but the film
> would ensure the record was not lost if the worst
> happened...
> Ray
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Cindy Amrhein

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