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From: "Ken Aitken" <>
Subject: RE: [APG] Re: HeritageQuest citation
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 10:31:35 -0600
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I appreciated the examples you included in the posting on citing a heritage
quest source, but for some reason it troubles me-- I seem to think that
www.godfrey.org is insufficient to find the source.

What would you do if you were searching in person in person in a public
library that subscribed to HQ? You would not include the name of the
library, but you would include the full URL you accessed.

for example, here at Regina Public Library I located online a piece of
information pertaining to the legal activities of a family member in an
on-line full text database.
The following is the URL for the item

However, I could also find this same thing at the same source working online
from home by going to www.reginalibrary.ca
then going in the same way I did at work,

BUT www.reginalibrary.ca will not exclusively or automatically lead to the

Does this make any sense at all? It too cold in Saskatchewan for rational
thought, so my thniking may be a bit wonky here.

Kenneth G. Aitken
Prairie History Librarian
Regina Public Library
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

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From: Connie Lenzen [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 4:14 PM
Subject: [APG] Re: HeritageQuest citation

The citation for the HeritageQuest digital census images is a tad bit
different than the ones from Ancestry.com.

The Ancestry.com images are downloaded from the Ancestry.com website.

The HeritageQuest images are downloaded from a library website.

So, we should reference the library. I use the Godfrey Library,
online at www.godfrey.org.

My Ancestry.com citations look like the following for the John Newman
household. The citation has all of the information from the microfilm
copy, including the NARA number. In addition, it has the info that it
is a digital image from Ancestry.

John Newman household, 1860 U. S. Census, population schedule, Stark
County, Ohio, Canton Township, page 116 (penned), 180 (stamped),
dwelling 826, family 826; National Archives microfilm publication
M653, roll 1037; digital image, Ancestry.com,
http://www.ancestry.com, accessed 30 June 2004.

My HeritageQuest citations have all of the info from the microfilm
copy. Then, it has info about the fact that is it is a digital image
acquired from HeritageQuest Online which is owned by ProQuest and the
library website where it was found.

William S. Titus household, 1900 U.S. Census, population schedule,
Eaton County, Michigan, Charlotte City, 4th ward, page 6A (penned),
110A (stamped), dwelling 152, family 167; National Archives microfilm
T623, roll 709; digital image ProQuest HeritageQuest Online,
http://www.godfrey.org, accessed 30 June 2004.

Connie Lenzen

>I am going back over about 500 census record citations and adding the
>sentence at the end. (So this does not concern the preceding information in
>the citation.) From the information supplied from Ms. Mills at the FGS
>conference and the examples in Evidence!, it looks like the full
>citation and the
>bibliographic citation can be identical. My example:
>Full citation and bibliography:
>Downloaded from HeritageQuest at http://persi.heritagequestonline.com on 15
>October 2004.
>Short citation:
>Online at http://persi.heritagequestonline.com.
>Normally the full citation and the bibliographic citation are not the same.
>Is this an exception? Are these acceptable? Thank you all for your help
>Rondina P. Muncy
>Grapevine, Texas

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