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From: "Trevia W Beverly" <>
Subject: Re: Religious wording (was [APG] Beginner's Software)
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 14:52:01 -0600
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Eileen - THANK YOU for the explanation. I saw and answered in trying to get
through days of stacked up e-mails (flu bug). I should have 'thought' about
the who topic discussion first ....
I think I'd better wait for Monday to do the other batch. thanks again,
so much.

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From: "Eileen Polakoff" <>
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Sent: Friday, February 04, 2005 1:48 PM
Subject: Religious wording (was [APG] Beginner's Software)

> Trevia,
> I'm providing my own take on the wording that is inappropriate in PAF and
> many other programs. For Jewish genealogists, and for Jews in general, the
> act of baptism or christening is offensive. Therefore, seeing it on a
> computer screen or report that is about your family is especially
> I believe the point Gladys was trying to make (and I apolgize if it
> and one which I always look for in genealogical software is if you are
> to turn off or hide the words themselves. Even if you don't use the field
> the wording often appears on the screen and may appear on reports even
> the field is not used. This is what is called "hard coded" I believe.
> Fortunately most programs today allow you to change the fields so it never
> appears anywhere. I am currently using a program to build a website on the
> internet for a family and the word Christening was hard coded as a
> word to the header Born. It said "Born/Christened" and it upset me every
> time I looked at it. So I asked the programmer if he could change the hard
> code for me on my version. His first response was that I could just ignore
> the field. But when I explained it was hard coded as a header he
> my problem and he was happy to change it for me.
> This has nothing to do with LDS events such as sealing since most programs
> have allowed hiding that for more than ten years. It is possible PAF has
> changed its coding so that you can change the word Baptism or Christening
> something else or delete it entirely. It has been at least ten years since
> looked at the program.
> Eileen
> (Gladys... Please excuse me for jumping in on this if you meant something
> else.)
> ............... [snip]
> Gladys, I believe the appropriate word is [who are not Christians] Mormon.
> Genealogy is a vital part of their religious works but others may not be
> privy to it. Since I am not Mormon, hopefully someone else can answer
> -- Trevia
> ......[snip]
> However, for those of us who are not Christians, the inability to delete
> certain religious event items from the family group sheet (haven't checked
> recent version but assume that is still the case), makes it inappropriate
> for some.
> -- Gladys

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