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From: "Connie Bradbury" <>
Subject: Re: Religious wording (was [APG] Beginner's Software)
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 07:17:35 -0900
References: <20050205004658.88758.qmail@web52910.mail.yahoo.com>


A religious war started by a Quaker - that would make the front page!

Re adult baptisms - infant baptisms. They are biographical events, in my
opinion. Often times the birth date is given in those records. Sometimes
it will only give the age. I don't add that to a family group record in the
Chr/Bap field but in the notes, unless I cannot find enough corroborating
information to support a calculated date (i.e. died aged 6y 4m 3d, bap. 13
Mar 1800 age 8, etc.).

I've discovered too many errors by making assumptions or trying to second
guess chr. dates when there is also a birth date given on fgrs, especially
those found in the family group archives - but that's a whole other bucket
of worms.


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