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From: "Connie Bradbury" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Independent scholars
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 09:48:52 -0800
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The topic of Independent Scholars is certainly thought provoking as in
fodder for the brain.

When Ken said:

> One does not need a formal university degree to be an independent scholar,
> but it would not hurt.

it reminded me of a subject I brought up on this list some time ago.

I expressed my interest in FGS and NGS looking into the possibility of
partnering with an institution(s) of higher education to offer college
credits for attending the national conferences.

BYU did this at one time, and may still do so. I attended a conference and
was offered the opportunity to pay the going rate for per credit hour and
receive college credit. I had to write a paper and describe each session I

The business my husband is in, there are several organizations that offer a
similar program. Even though he is a college graduate, some of the seminars
he attends he could receive 1 credit hour toward post-graduate work.

The National Secretaries Assn. (now called the International Assn. of Admin.
Professionals) held multi-day seminars and college credit could be applied

Those I've mentioned, the credits were transferable to the institution of
your choice. The credits, of course, apply toward the general ed

However, in thinking about the average age of attendees at national
conferences, and that there is a lot of young blood amongst us who are
raising families and/or working and maybe have some college or maybe none,
perhaps this would be an incentive to them if they could attend the
conferences and further their education, albeit a tiny bit at a time.

The University of Alaska offers an Interdisciplinary degree that the student
together with an adviser can design. Undoubtedly, other institutions do

Special programs like NIGR and IGHR could offer college credit.

Another reason I've been thinking about this is--last week, we were at
dinner with friends and they wanted to go to Dawson for a few days. All of
us have lived here a long time but never been over to Dawson. Whitehorse
yes, but not Dawson. So, we had our calendars out trying to figure out a
time. How about after the 4th of July. No, Connie will be in DC. How
about the week after Labor Day. No, Connie will be in SLC at a conference.

Our friend (the husband) looked at me and asked how I could justify spending
so much time at the genealogy things.

After taking a deep breath I explained that after attending a conference I
felt like I had a full load semester crammed into a few days - that if
college credit was given for what I have learned since I began attending the
conference, etc., I would be close to having a doctorate degree. His wife,
also a genealogist, leaned over and patted me on the back and said, "Way to


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