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From: "Linda Merle" <>
Subject: Re: Muster Rolls Re: [APG] another citation question
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 09:58:12 -0700

Hi Carolyn,

The 1812 records are not as readily available as the Revolutionary War as there are fewer indexes in print. You can learn a lot about them in "The Source" and "Printed Sources". However NARA now has excellent aids on line. I have a problem navigating through all their info, but if you google for NARA War 1812, it usually comes right up.


It says:
"Compiled Military Service Records.

"The great majority of soldiers who served during the War of 1812 were volunteers, or members of state militia who were federalized for portions of the war period. There were also volunteer units directly raised by the federal government. The service records of these soldiers consist of compiled military service records or those records of service that were compiled from the original muster and pay rolls by the clerks in the Adjutant General's Office after the war (Records of the Adjutant General's Office, Record Group 94). The records are arranged by state or federal volunteer unit and thereunder alphabetically by name of soldier. A microfilmed index to these records is available on Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers who Served During the War of 1812 (M602, 234 rolls). The actual service records have not been filmed....."

I was just about to do a search at LDS to see if this index is in LDS but it's 'down' right now, but it's a fair bet it is.

Many records also at the state level not only where the lad served but maybe where he moved afterwards (ie there are lists of land grants in mid western states to 1812 War vets, which occasionally identify their state of origin).

Linda Merle

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From: Carolyn Ybarra <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 08:35:28 -0700

>At 5:51 PM -0400 7/2/05, Craig R. Scott wrote:
>>The only original record in all of this is the muster roll.
>>Something that most researchers never take the time to look at.
>Are many muster rolls (Rev. War or War of 1812) still in existence,
>and are they at NARA - D.C. or in various repositories? I looked at
>service cards last time I was there, but did not have time to ask
>about what might still exist of original records. (Was looking
>mostly at Civil War pension files and land grant files.)
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