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Subject: Narrative Genealogy (Descending)
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 23:39:48 EST

Hello all,

Perhaps one of you who is more familiar with the new CG certification
requirements can shed some light on this.

Looking at the FAQ at the BCG website relating to the "kinship determination
project," I notice that a number of the options emphasize the necessity of
including a "proof argument" in two different generations. The narrative
genealogy option, however, states "for two of the generational links there must
be a proof argument, as discussed above."

Take this example:

Four probable children for couple #1 have been identified. There is primary
evidence identifying one child as a child of the couple; the other three are
identified as children of the couple through proof arguments (and, of
course, the proof argument for each child is unique to that child).

It seems to me that, in this hypothetical, there are proof arguments for
three generational links--a separate proof argument linking each of three
children to couple #1.

Is this a correct interpretation?

David Morehouse
Hopkins, MN

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