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From: Polly Kimmitt <>
Subject: Re: [APG] How old were you when you started your genealogy? What got you started?
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 10:58:51 -0500

Hi Listers,

Here's how I got hooked: I totally took for granted my mother's
obsession with genealogy when I was growing up. The only kick I got out
of it was the lovely names in my tree, like Mercy Pickles and "Young
Son" John who had an older brother John, too. My father always pushed
the blue-bloodedness of my mother's line and encouraged me to join the
Mayflower Soc., but I rebelled against the snobbiness of it all. In
about 1980, when I was 25, I discovered she had produced a notebook of
her research, all well organized and sometimes even with sources cited
in a general sort of way. I loved the mathematical aspect of the
Ahnentafel. My mother's mother had been a genealogist, also, and
produced lovely fan charts, but no written notes that I've ever found.
In 1988, the year I got married, I decided to computerize the
information they had found, and somehow, though I was was new to the
field, I understood the need to cite sources. I was amazed and thrilled
to find that the accuracy of their research was very high. Sadly,
though, they had done a very thorough job and left nothing fun for me!
Their brick walls became mine. My father died in 1988, and I tackled
his 100% Irish side back to 1800 or so. As my children grew and I got
more free time I took the NGS Basic American Gen. course and read
everything I could get my hands on. Now I do work for clients and get
just as thrilled with the ancestral trails of complete strangers as I
did with my own. I'm thinking this is the year for certification.
Polly Kimmitt

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