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From: "Barbara Wylie" <>
Subject: RE: [APG] How old were you when you started your genealogy? What got you started?
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 12:54:05 -0600
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Many of you credit older generations for your interest in genealogical
research. I credit two of our three sons.

The eldest, then a college student, remarked that someone in his dad's
family must have been alienated and exiled from the rest of the family
because no one seemed to know anything about them. Though I had been
divorced from his dad for more than a decade, I did not want my child to go
through life thinking that so I decided it was time to do some genealogical

A few days later, our youngest son--technically my stepson but my husband
had sole custody--wanted to drive his friends to the mall. That new driver's
license was burning a hole in his pocket and he was very good at finding an
excuse to go joy riding. I told him I needed my car to go research

That first roll of census microfilm hooked me. The first Civil War pension
file hooked my husband. Our first grandchild made his first genealogical
find at the age of seven--the cattle brand of his 4th great-grandfather. It
was the line his father wondered about so long ago.

Barbara Brixey Wylie
Grand Prairie, Texas

P. S. Our eldest and his family just bought a Scottie pup. She already
responded to the name "Lucy." When told that Lucy needed a Scottish name for
her registration papers, he said, "Well, she already has my grandfather's
mother's first name. Let's give her my grandmother's maiden name which is

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Subject: [APG] How old were you when you started your genealogy? What got
you started?

I'd like to do a survey.

How old were you when you started working on your genealogy? What got you


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