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From: "Mert & Holly Kilpatrick" <>
Subject: RE: [APG] NJ Vital Records Access Threatened
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 06:11:24 -0500
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I am trying to write some letters about this NJ records closure threat. I
would like to be able to give examples of better alternatives. What states
would you all suggest have good records access and could be used as models?

Also, I don't see in the NJ bill any statement of the REASON for the bill.
But if it is identity theft, I have often seen on genealogy lists the
statement that genealogy theft is usually due to credit cards being stolen,
and not use of vital records. Does anyone have a source for that statement?
Are there any articles or studies or surveys relative to this?

I think it is important also that "research" does not mean sending $25 for a
copy of a record for someone with an identified name and birth or death
date. That is documentation acquisition, but "research" is the activity
when the name and dates are discovered. Research usually requires examing
and studying many records in addition to the one finally chosen to order a
certificate for. It may mean checking all the Browns in the county in a
time frame, and trying to make connections between them. We don't want to
just end up like New York, where you are allowed to send $25 for a copy of
someone you already know about, but you can't look at the records to figure
out who to send for a copy for.

In this Information Age, states should be looking at ways to digitize and
put records online, instead of retreating backwards into secrecy and

East Bangor, PA

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> Subject: RE: [APG] NJ Vital Records Access Threatened
> Well, presumably, this would only apply to those records for which you
> are not entitled to receive a Certified Copy, which means other than
> your own and other immediate family members' records. But, who knows!
> However, passage of the bill as is would leave some large gaps in yet to
> be written genealogies, family histories, biographies, lineage society
> applications... and on and on and on...
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> Joan
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