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From: "Joan M Lowry" <>
Subject: RE: [APG] NJ Vital Records
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 10:41:39 -0500
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Hi Bob

The numbering does start over again every year. I'm sorry I didn't
provide the following information in my earlier email: A1390 for
2006-07 session is sponsored by 3 Assembly members - Joan M. Quigley
(Hudson County), Nellie Pou and Mims Hackett (both Passaic County.) The
bill was approved in the committee on Jan 26 and has been sent to the
Assembly Speaker, who decides when it goes to the Assembly for a vote.

Last year (2004-2005) it was number A3806 - sponsors were just Quigley
and Pou. They managed to get A3806 passed in the Assembly in Dec 2005 -
but it went to a Senate committee and died there at the end of the
session. This is why it is fast-tracked this year - it's "left overs"
and they already approved it once...

We responded to the pending legislation last year by having societies
contact the sponsors on behalf of members and other genealogists -
trying a more moderate approach. They agreed to change the language and
we thought that we would hear more. Next thing I knew it was out of the
Assembly with the wording unchanged! So much for the "reasonable"

This year - we're trying to mobilize everyone we can - but are starting
with the disadvantage that they moved it through the committee before we
were able to get a grip on it. The legislature was installed on Jan 20
and the hearing was only 6 days later. The bill was assigned to the
committee before the committee members were even listed on the website!

(Maybe more than you really wanted to know...)

Sorry for the lag time in response - digest mode slowed things down...


Joan M. Lowry

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> I am not familiar with how the New Jersey legislature numbers pending
> Bills but I think that the reference to a pending bill
> should give the year and the bill's sponsor. Apparently the numbering
> over again each session.

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